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New product! 2019 customized calendar.

Published : 10/17/2018 08:19:54
Categories : Miss Wood Adventures

Polaroid style calendar

Great news: our super calendars are back! And, this year too, the amazing customized calendars are available again! Yay! A new personalized polaroid-style calendar for the 2019, what more could you ask for?

Table calendar

From now on, thanks to our calendar, you can organize your adventures, travels and weekend getaways, adding the picture you like the most to every month. Are you up to live again and again the experiences of 2018? Or would you rather dream new destinations? Whatever your choice is, we can make it real so that you can always have all your adventures – those experienced already and those to come – at your fingertips.

We want you to keep your adventurous spirit alive as we know that every month can be a good opportunity to experience a new challenge. Choose the picture that inspires you the most for each month and create your very own year. It can be the instant photo of that unforgettable summer trip or the selfie you took with that so very special person. The only complication will be having to choose only 12 pictures.

And there’s more! Our traditional Wanderlust Calendar in Polaroid format is also back! Handy and ready to use so that you won’t have to make any effort. Are you a polaroid-lover, passionate about adventures and good taste? Voilà, here's the perfect calendar for you.

Original gifts

We want our 2019 calendar to teleport you into wonderful places every day so that your desk won’t be so boring anymore. Add a touch of style to your space! It comes with 12 fantastic photos in polaroid format inspired by the specific feeling that makes every month of the year, special and unique. Our calendar is the ideal accessory for any desk, at home or at work. It will take you to magical places that will help you keeping your adventurous spirit alive.

Both calendars are monthly and include a wooden base. Pictures’ size is 12 x 10 cm while base’s 10 x 1,7 x 4 cm. Both are made with passion in Barcelona.

What will your next adventure be?

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