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New products! Double-sided tape and stickers set

Published : 10/03/2018 06:15:46
Categories : Miss Wood Adventures

Set de stickers

At Misswood we want you to keep playing and decorating your maps, that’s the reason why we created a new set of stickers. This way you can remember all of your adventures and continue to dream new destinations. The set presents four collections, each consisting of 64 stickers, distributed on 4 sheets, and 64 pins so that you can place them all.

So, if you know the main characteristics of each country, you've tried the strangest dishes and you're one of those who know the fauna and flora of the world at their fingertips, these sets are perfect for you. You will find the best monuments in the world, the tastiest foods, incredible animals and the most amazing objects that will make your trip an unforgettable experience, now for everyone to see on your map.

Stickers set: Monuments of the World.  Going for a coffee at the top of the Tour Eiffel or taking a selfie at the Golden Gate… For you, compulsive traveller that doesn’t miss a thing, we have prepared this sticker set including the best monuments in the whole world. Mark all of your adventures… and those left to be experienced!

Stickers set: Travelling the World. We have gathered together all those objects that make your travel experiences unique and we turned them into stickers. The camera that made your trip unforgettable or that camping van in Australia. Combine them on your map and remember your best moments forever.

Stickers set: Food of the World. Sushi, tacos... or maybe empanadas? Here’s a collection of stickers specially designed for you, foodie traveller, that will make your mouth water. With all the gastronomy at your fingertips, you will discover a lot of new specialities you did not know yet. Use them on your Woody Map! And creativity is up to you!

Stickers set: Animals of the World.Are you a true animal lover? Do you know everything about the Uzbekistan fauna? That’s great as you have in your hands a sticker set especially designed for you. With more than 60 different types of animals, you will be able to turn your map in your very own ark!

Make your next trip an unforgettable experience with our fantastic set. Let's travel the world, remember it and dare to live new adventures inspired by our new stickers collection, what are you waiting for?

Set de colgadores

We want you to have the best, but not just this, also what you need. That's why, after many requests, we have created this set of adhesive tabs designed for all those who buy the Woody Map without a frame. A double-sided tape created specifically for the type of cork we use to make our maps and perfect to adhere to any type of wall without damaging it or creating holes. Perfect, isn’t it?

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