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10 tips to travel with children

Published : 05/07/2019 15:57:51
Categories : Miss Wood Adventures

If after watching our video about Mother's Day you have been encouraged to travel with your children, there are a few things that we want to tell you.

First of all, we want to let you know that according to AENA, every baby has the right to travel with hand luggage and they advise that the baby could even travel without documentation within national territory.

Having said that, we will start with 10 very simple tips to travel with children, which will make your next trip plain sailing.

1. Earache

It is possible that both at takeoff and landing, little ones ears may be bothered. This is completely normal due to pressure changes. If your children are very small, we advise you to gently cover their ears, and if they are a little older, chewing gum always helps.

2. Take it easy

Something very important: take it easy. Especially if it's the first time. Nothing will go exactly to plan, but everything will be fine.

3. Do not carry too much luggage

Do not carry too much luggage, for your comfort, above all. We know that you will have to carry things for them, out of necessity or entertainment, but go easy on the "just in case" extras. You won't regret it!

4. Always bring snacks

Always bring snacks and drinks for your children. In a bad moment, snacks will put them in a good mood and drinks will be a great help to avoid certain throat irritations, coughs and other problems that can change little ones' moods.

5. Comfortable clothes

Try to make sure that your children travel in comfortable clothes, which are soft and not too tight. A good suggestion would be to dress them with many layers, so that they can adapt to what they need.

6. Activities

Prepare light weight activities . It is always good to carry a toy that they like, but also think about yourself and how you will carry it. It might be nice to bring some paper, two or three colouring pencils and stickers to play with.

7. Choose your flights well

Maybe you have always gone for the cheapest flight and have fully adapted to the times of the flights within your budget. But now you are not alone and perhaps it would be better to spend a little more and make it more comfortable for them and for you. For example, a good plan would be to choose a night flight, since part of the trip will get them to sleep.

8. Plan your trip

Once you have chosen the destination, you have to plan what things to see and do, but keep in mind who you have with you. You might have to adopt a slower rhythm than you would like and intersperse more playful activities such as visiting a park, playing on lake boats or things like that.

9. Book carefully

You have already decided where you are going, now it's time to see where you will stop to rest. As in the previous point remember that you are traveling with children, so even though you have been to that place and you think it's wonderful, consider if it's appropriate for what you are looking for now. If it is accessible for prams, if it is far from the center if it has play areas for them, etc.

10. Enjoy

That's it, it's all done, all thought out... now you just have to enjoy it. You are in that wonderful place with the best company you can have. We are sure that you do not need anything else. Take advantage of the time that flies by.


As we know that it can be a little complicated and that you will think of a thousand things that you may need, which we are sure are not necessary, we have created this checklist for traveling with children, so you do not forget anything essential. Once you have this, you have no excuse to start traveling with children.

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