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7 gifts for travellers

Published : 11/06/2018 12:55:35
Categories : Curiosities

Also this year Christmas is inexorably approaching; and, I do not know about you, but I haven’t bought anything yet! I'm such a mess with gifts. So, to make things easier, here a list of presents you can give to your more adventurous friends.

For planners: Kit Colombo

This super kit is perfect for that friend who needs to plan everything, and not just travels, but also his daily routine. Voilà, three A5 cork notebooks, one for each particular moment. Moreover, having blank pages, you can write or design a customised planner as some of our followers already do.

For adventure lovers: Miss Wood Backpack

The perfect gift for real adventurers, whether you're in the middle of the Amazon or enjoying a coffee in a cafe of a big city, this backpack will be by your side whenever you need it. Thanks to its canvas finished with the batik technique, the fabric of your bag will not ruin with the passage of time; instead, it will gain in style and personality. It perfectly fits a 13 "laptop and will be the ideal ally for your daily adventures. Look how perfectly matches @zia_suarez!


For mountain lovers: Hoody

The perfect accessory for that friend who would never stop hiking or climbing, but not only! It is also super practical for those who want to visit cold destinations, or if just like me, you shake like a leaf even with 21 ° C. With this scarf-hood you will fight the cold, keeping your head and neck warm, without never sacrificing your style.

For creative minds: Kit Montblanc

Surely your most original friend will appreciate the Montblanc kit, which contains a Woody Map with the frame, world flags, an A5 cork notebook, the Wanderlust 2019 calendar and the Mood postcards from our collection. Probably, it will end up placing the postcards directly on the map to remember the places he visited. Encourage him always to create different designs when he decorates his Woody Map.

For the lovebirds: Woody Map Special Edition

We all know at least one couple that is spending all of their time together, and this, without a doubt, is the perfect gift for those inseparable friends who live every adventure with lots of love and passion. We specially created The Woody Map Special Edition for Valentine's Day, but the public liked it so much that we had to keep it in our collection. After all, that touch of golden sand on the white background is pretty irresistible.

For the homebodies: Cotton Map

Not everyone can or want to travel so much to be able to fill our Woody Map with plenty of pins; there are also those who love the planet and, above all, the classic style and interior design. So, what are you waiting for? Surely, your vintage addicted friend, more akin to adventures at home than abroad, will adore the new models of our Cotton Map.

For the travellers: Kit Kailash

The greatest adventures begin with a journey, and, in case you don't believe it, ask for confirmation to that friend who has travelled half of the world. We have the perfect kit for him that contains a Woody Map with the frame, world's flags to mark all the places he visited on the map, and a notebook to never forget any adventure experienced.

And you, do you know what you will offer for Christmas?

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