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Arctic Norway, the magic of winter

Published : 04/02/2020 18:07:16
Categories : Travels

Type of travel:  Nature + Cultural

Best time to travel

June: As the sun doesn't go down entirely during June, you will be able to appreciate the colorful coastal towns, as well as the dim light at night, due to its location near the Arctic Circle.

Average temperature: 18-23ºC

Minimum recommended days to stay: 10 days

What to do

We recommend renting a car and travel from Tromsø to Senja, where you can see the wonderful fishing villages. Consider that, if you're thinking to take the route through the north part, you might have to take a ferry.

Average coffee price: 4,02€


Do you dare to cross the largest underwater tunnel in the world? It is the Eiksund tunnel, it is almost eight km long and 287m deep, what an adventure!

You can not leave without testing

Norway is best known for its salmon, so we recommend eating it as much as you can while visiting the country, because, you probably won't taste a fresher and tastier salmon as the Norwegian one.

Tip Miss Wood

June is the highest tourist season in Norway, especially in the north. Everyone wants to see what the famous “midnight sun” looks like, so we recommend you to plan ahead.

Our Community

A beautiful destination that offers spectacular landscapes in every season. Come on, let's travel far North with the Miss Wood community.

What to do

Many followers advise us to visit this incredible country during the winter since -and we all know it- it is the ideal season to see the northern lights. Everyone loved it, and they also recommend us to visit the Lofoten Islands, which are an archipelago located above the Arctic Circle. And if you are into snow and skiing, Norway offers a lot of possibilities like cross-country or alpine skiing. For those who are more of a summery type, it is essential to admire the beauty of the sun at midnight and visit Fjords! Nature in its purest form.

You can not leave without testing

The Salmon. It may not be the most original suggestion, but it is undoubtedly the best quality you can find in the whole world.

Tip Community Miss Wood

Some of our followers say that the best way to travel to Norway is to rent a car. The roads are a bit rough, and you'll have to take a ferry many times, but the scenery is spectacular. Also, be careful with your wallet, it is a costly country. But you always have the option to have a picnic and enjoy a meal in nature without ruining your savings. :)

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