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Masai Mara, Safaris land

Published : 04/02/2020 18:11:33
Categories : Travels

Type of travel:  Nature + Personal Experience

Best time to travel

August: August is the month when the herds of migrating animals start. During this month, you will be able to witness a spectacle of nature, where the plains feel as if they stretch into infinity, crossed by the Mara River.

Average temperature: 25.5ºC

Minimum recommended days to stay: 1 week

What to do

Go on a Safari, of course! Besides, the tour drivers are so thoughtful that, when they spot a captivating animal, they give a heads up to other vehicles, so everyone gets a chance to see it too! Not to mention, you can also see millions of wildebeest migrating and escaping from predators like leopards, or hundreds of zebras fleeing from lions. These are just some of the few incredible things you can witness when in Kenya. You can also see endangered species that dwell here, such as the black rhinoceros, the cheetah, and the hippo. Do you remember watching the Lion King movie as a kid? Well, you can see hyenas, and although they don't laugh like in the film, they emit a rather unpleasant sound.

Average coffee price: 2,10€


The Masai Mara is the nature reserve that has more wild animals per m2 in the world. You can see giraffes and crocodiles and in summer hundreds of species such as wildebeest and antelope move in search of fresher pastures. The equator crosses the country in half, so the north and south are in different hemispheres, unbelievable right?!

You can not leave without testing

You gotta try the Pili Pili sauce with prawns, which is a delicious sauce is made with butter, garlic, red chilli, lime juice, coriander, pepper, and grated coconut. Our mouth is watering already just by thinking about it.

Tip Miss Wood

To travel to Kenya, you must get a proper vaccination, and that means getting six vaccines: malaria, tetanus, typhoid fever, hepatitis b, meningitis, and rabies. Not all of them are mandatory, and they depend on the area you are going to, so don't forget to check with your doctor.

Our Community

Let's all go to the equator to explore a magical and wild place where you can enjoy the purest nature: Kenya, un unforgettable destination.

What to do

Our most "animal-lover" followers have recommended us, of course, to do a safari. The best-known nature reserve in Kenya is undoubtedly the Masaai Mara, but there is also the Noboisho Conservancy which is beautiful. Sleeping in a tent in the middle of the park, watching giraffes approaching your van, zebras and hyenas in the wild and listening to them at night and learning to tell the difference, is a unique and priceless experience. The most daring of you have even chosen to check in their own tent, rent a 4x4 and go off alone looking for lions, a real adventure.

Beyond the Safari

Kenya is much more than animal-watching and safari. Its people, its light, its clear skies full of stars, its powerful nature that never ceases to surprise, are also part of the charm of this country. And many in our community have pointed out some lesser-known but equally amazing routes. Lamu, for example, a small island in the north of the country or Hell's Gate National Park, ideal for a bike ride and an overnight stay at Lake Naivasha. And by the way, do not forget its capital Nairobi, a charming city with many corners to discover.

Tip Community Miss Wood

Travelling is not only exploring new lands but meeting another culture, sometimes even contributing to its well-being. Among the most committed travellers of Miss Wood, there are a few who recommend us to join solidarity initiatives such as the Mayanaproject that collaborates with the indigenous tribes of Lake Turkana. It is an ideal solution to move as a real local (which also means more affordable prices) and above all to help these communities.

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