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New product! Canvas maps with new designs!

Published : 10/29/2018 06:13:10
Categories : Miss Wood Adventures

We want your life to be a neverending adventure! For this reason, at Miss Wood, we decided to launch some new amazing maps. If our cork maps have already won you over, now, you will fall for our brand new canvas models. We decided to create new designs, to motivate you to keep living unforgettable experiences.

Whether for you or to offer as a gift, it surely is a memory for a lifetime and can be the perfect decoration for that special corner of yours that you like so much. The Cotton Map is super versatile and perfectly combines striking designs and classic inspiration.

It is manufactured in Barcelona and made of 100% organic cotton, also includes four wooden bars, two metal pieces, a rope to hang it and, your map, of course! Find the style you like the most between our three exclusive designs - RIVERS & MOUNTAINS, OCEANS & OLD SCHOOL - and add a vintage touch to your space.

RIVERS & MOUNTAINS → Rivers and mountains are the real protagonists of this new canvas map that can be the perfect gift for your most adventurous friend, fond of climbing and rafting.

OCEANS → The oceans account for over 96% of water on Earth, so we could not avoid creating a special map for them. You will be able to identify every ocean and its main currents; seadogs and surfers will adore it!.

OLD SCHOOL → A great classic never goes out of style. So, voilà, our traditional Old School design is now available also on canvas.

Are you up for new adventures?

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