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Peru, the essence of South America

Published : 04/02/2020 18:17:23
Categories : Travels

Type of travel:  Adventurous + Cultural

Best time to travel

Traveling to Peru in September is a marvelous idea! First of all, it's the beginning of their spring season, which means that the weather is mild for sightseeing, and also because winter has recently ended, all services and touristy places are cheaper than normal.

Average temperature: 20ºC

Minimum recommended days to stay: 15 days

What to do

Going to Machu Picchu is a must! This Inca citadel is located in the Cuzco region, near a mountain, and a district with the same name. In this area alone, you will have millions of things to do, such as visiting the Inca town, located in a rugged and very inaccessible area, which prevented the Spanish colonialism in this area for many years. Huayna Picchu is only about an hour's drive north. The road trip is a beautiful ride through the mountains, but somewhat complicated, so be aware when doing it. If you have no experience with mountain routes, we recommend finding a guide.

Average coffee price: 2,12€


Peru is a place full of history; you'll be impressed with all the history this country has to tell. For example, in 1911, the archaeologist Hiram Bingham discovered the ruins of Machu Picchu, which were located 2,700 m high. Even though other historians passed very close, they never saw the ruins before. Perhaps you have heard of the Nazca Lines, which are very famous geoglyphs. They are located in Pampas de Jumana and were discovered in 1930 by accident for aviators. Also, Chavín, an archaeological site located in Huari, was declared historical heritage in 1985 due to the importance of its culture. These are the oldest stone buildings in Peru.

You can not leave without testing

Knowing Peru by its delicious and spicy cuisine, our favorite dish is the famous Ají de Gallina, which is a spicy platter made with chili pepper, hot peppers, and chicken. It is normally served with potatoes, rice, and cooked eggs, and when Peruvians cook it from scratch, it may taste even better. Another of the great Peruvian dishes is the Papa a la Huancaína, which literally means Huancayo style potatoes, and is also contains chili pepper. The way Peruvians cook it is by boiling the potatoes in water, and preparing the sauce using the chili peppers, evaporated milk, cheese, and biscuit. Finally, you place all the above ingredients over the hard-boiled egg.

Tip Miss Wood

Plan your activities in Peru ahead, as you could suffer from altitude sickness due to lack of oxygen, you want to be prepared before you go.

Our Community

Today we leave together for Peru, a charming country with an incredible variety of climates, places and cultures that will leave your mouth open. We have no doubt it'll become one of your best trips.

What to do

The whole Miss Wood community has loved Peru, and the first thing they recommend is Cusco, the country's biggest attraction where you should stay for at least one week and get to see most of what it has to offer including Machu Picchu. Some of our more sporty followers even recommend the Salkantay Trek, which is quite hard but gives much more satisfaction than arriving by bus. By the way, you can't avoid the Rainbow Mountain, a must in Peru. Other places that you can't leave out of the list are Puno, where you can visit and navigate through the Titicaca Lake, Ica and its dunes, Arequipa and the Colca Canyon, Piura and its beaches, Tarapoto, Iquitos, Huaraz Chachapoyas and the Gocta waterfall. With so many options you will have to come back for sure!

What to eat

Many among you have told us that on no other trip have you eaten better. So, here are some typical specialities that you can't forget to try: Lomo saltado, the star dish of this country, ceviche, of course, la causa, rice with duck... Our mouths are watering only by reading it!

Tip Community Miss Wood

Peru is a country whose climate varies greatly, from the hottest and most tropical areas of the Amazon to the coldest and most wintry parts of the mountains. To be prepared for these changes, our community advises us to spend first a few days adapting to the altitude in and around Cusco (Sacred Valley for example) before going to Rainbow Mountain and doing the Salkantay Trek.

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