Hello! How are you? Come on in and make yourself at home, we want to explain you something about us so you know a little more about who is Miss Wood.

Miss Wood is an illusion turned into reality. It all started in Barcelona in 2013 when Javi and Albert took a piece of wood, painted it and gave it the final touch in the form of an ingenious phrase. And so the Woody was born. Woody gave us the initial push to what we are today. Colors, designs and sizes multiplied. But we don’t stay there, in Miss Wood we are restless by nature.

The cork followed the wood. And Woody the Woody Map. A cork map for lovers of backpacking and travel around the world. A traveler's résumé as a decorative object to fill with pins in every corner of the world that you visited. The Wanderlust become object. What? You don’t know what is Wanderlust? Don’t worry, we'll explain. It is an expression that we borrowed from German, could be translated as "that uncontrollable desire to take a plane, train, bus, car or bicycle and go anywhere in the world that you do not know and discover it" The translation is not literal, although we have tried. Woody Map gave us the definitive push to be what we are today. All our products are designed to give your home a warm and organic touch. And tear out a smile. Today we are 12 people and the Miss Wood team continues to grow day by day. But we have just begun the journey! There is still a lot of road ahead!

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In our website Misswood.co.uk you can find all our products and even personalize the product you want. But if you want to see and touch our Woodies and Maps here you can see the list of stores where you will find some of them. Each store has made its own selection and you may not find the one you were looking for. We recommend that before going to the point of sale, call to ensure that they have that one you want.

In addition, some of them feature custom Miss Wood designs that we have designed exclusively for them, and you will only find them at that point of sale. We have different points of sale distributed throughout Spain and several countries around Europe. Here you can see them all: SELLING POINTS