Things a traveler should do before dying

Cosas que debe hacer un viajero antes de morir

We have asked our community for things they would like to do (and haven't done) before they die. These are the 74 things we think every traveller has to do once in a lifetime. Which one is your favourite? How many have you already done?

1. Volunteer

2. Go skydiving

3. Get married in Las Vegas

4. Live for a while in another country

5. Take Route 66

6. Go to all the Disney parks in the world

7. Go on Safari in Africa

8. See the Aurora Borealis

9. Visit all the Autonomous Communities

10. See in Grand Canyon

11. Swim with Dolphins

12. A sabbatical year

13. Travel anywhere and make a living, going alone with a backpack.

14. Go around the world

15. Visit New Zealand and Australia

16. See blue whales

17. Set foot in Egypt

18. Travel on the Trans-Siberian train

19. Travel the world for a year carrying the essentials.

20. Publish a book

21. Travel alone

22. Travel to Madagascar

23. Diving in the open sea with sharks

24. Live in the countryside

25. Go to Isabela Islands (Galapagos)

26. Travelling in a caravan

27. Diving in the Great Barrier Reef

28. Meet Calleja in person

29. Living in Asia

30. Backpacking in Thailand

31. Go to the Carnival of Salvador de Bahia

32. Do an Interrail

33. Go on a cruise

34. Sleeping in a bungalow in Bora Bora

35. Ride in a hot air balloon

36. Travel to space

37. Run along the Chinese Wall

38. Go to Costa Rica

39. Travel Latin America in a Motorhome

40. Travel by plane in First Class

41. Go to Nepal

42. Do something important for others, something that really counts.

43. Growing old in Scotland

44. Go to the Maldives

45. Travel aimlessly

46. Spend a summer in Hawaii

47. Going to the airport and letting one person decide the destination

48. Go to the North Pole

49. Bungee jumping

50. Drive through the north of Spain

51. Fall in love on a trip

52. Being a mother

53. Traveling with the family

54. Visiting the 5 continents

55. Trekking in Perito Moreno

56. Make a spiritual retreat

57. Sleeping in the desert

58. Sleeping on the beach

59. Going to Lapland at Christmas

60. Walk the Camino de Santiago

61. Holidays in the Caribbean

62. Quit your job, buy a van and travel the world.

63. Travelling around the capitals of Europe by train or car

64. Go scuba diving in the great natural treasures

65. Discover Petra

66. Filling your passport with stamps

67. Go to Cancun

68. Tour Scotland

69. Do the 500 mile road trip through the Highlands in Scotland.

70. To make a diving baptism

71. Go to New York at Christmas

72. Do a Road Trip in Australia

73. Surfing in Brazil

74. Skydiving in Dubai