3 ideas for decorating your hallway

We often focus so much on decorating each room that we forget hallways, which also deserve stylish decor. Whether the corridor is narrow, wide, long, short or dim doesn't matter. We have plenty of ideas for you, and we are sure you will find the perfect one for your home.

1. Framed Pictures

Turn your corridor into an art gallery of your most precious memories. If your hallway is large enough, the best choice is to frame photos of your family or travels.

Create asymmetrical compositions, line up your best shots or place them on a shelf. Take a look at our tips for hanging frames on the wall.

2. A world map to dream on

Simple: is your hallway short and narrow? Hang a world map to pin all your adventures, souvenirs, and photos of each trip. Besides adding a natural touch to the decoration, it will inspire you to dream of your next destination every time you move from one room to another.

In cork, wood, canvas or paper, choose your favourite design.

3. Polaroid Photo Garlands

If your hallway is very narrow, a creative and clever option is to decorate it with your fav Polaroids. Beauty is in simplicity.

Whether attached with tape or hung on a string, print out your best shots and bring your memories to life to give a cosy vibe to your home.

More ideas for decorating your hallway

Go for wallpaper. If your corridor is very narrow, this is an excellent option to enhance the space with a classy twist.

Lighting matters. Place light points to create a warm and cosy atmosphere in your hallway.

Add furniture. If the corridor is wide enough, place a shoe rack or a cabinet to fill the space with a stylish and functional decor.

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