Marcos de fotos

Photo Frames

Decoration with customised photos

Who doesn't love to decorate the walls of their home with framed photos? At Miss Wood, we have the perfect solution for printing and framing your customized photos. The walls of your house are the perfect place to add a personal touch to your home. There are many ideas for decorating your living room, hallway or entrance hall, but the best way is to print and frame your favourite photos.

Wooden frames sizes

Download free photos to create the perfect combo

5 Ideas for decorating with photos

Decorate with Travel Photos

Use your latest holiday snaps to decorate the walls of your home with the most beautiful pictures. Print one shot per destination and fill your hallway with memories and adventures.

Family photos

There are moments in life we will never forget - the birth of our children, our wedding day, a trip with the whole family or a unique photo with lifelong buddies. Print them now.

Incredible landscapes

From the North Pole to the South Pole, the world is home to wonderful corners, places and moments that nature gives us and that inspire us in our day to day.
Varios marcos de color Negro de diferentes tamaños, con una vela que está siendo encendida

Black & White photos

A timeless trend that never goes out of fashion. Add a touch of elegance to your bedroom with a collection of large-format black and white prints.

Wildlife Photos

Galloping horses, sleeping cats or lions close-ups. Nature is incredible, and what's better than having a piece of it at home?
Collage de varios marcos con fotos de diferentes medidas y colores en una pared de ladrillo

Full colour

Choose the most colourful photos from your gallery and print them out to create a unique combination.

5 ways to place your photos

Above the sofa in different sizes

In the hallway in a rectangular shape

Collage de varios marcos de diferentes colores y medidas, encima de una cama

Above the bed in large format

Marcos de color negro, encima de un mueble de una entrada

On top of a piece of furniture

On the floor

On the top of a shelf

Quality first

Ensure the image you upload is of high quality (fortunately, this should not be a problem: modern devices have top resolution cameras). If it isn't, don't worry - you will receive a warning when you upload it, informing you whether you can print it in high quality or you must select another image.

Frame: what colour to choose?

Todas las medidas de los marcos de color Blanco, en un fondo neutro

White frame

If soft or pastel hues, plants, flowers and candles predominate in your home, this colour is perfect for creating harmony and transmitting tranquillity.
Todas las medidas de los marcos de color Negro, en un fondo neutro

Black frame

Ideal in large spaces with big windows and natural wood furniture or elements to give the room a chic and elegant twist
Todas las medidas de los marcos de color Natural, en un fondo neutro

Wooden frame

If you love organic fabrics and soft, neutral colours, wood is the best choice to add a natural vibe to your interior.

Inspirations for creating your photo composition

Marcos de color Negro, encima de un mueble de una entrada

Small wall

Place your photos along the corridor or in the entrance hall, in your home office or in a small room.

Medium wall

Create a combo on the walls of a staircase or hallway, or in a standard-sized room.

Large wall

The perfect decoration for very spacious rooms, such as the living room or a double bedroom.

Tips for decorating with frames

Foto personalizada con marco 21x30 cm-Marrón-Marrón--Misswood

Single frame

To highlight something extraordinary, like a family photo or an illustration you drew.

Set of two

Perfect for two pictures with the same format, pattern or colour. This type of composition will add balance and order to any space.


You can opt for a mix of photos or harmonious combinations of images with a common leitmotif. Whichever option you choose, use different sizes to add a unique touch.

How to avoid drilling holes in the wall?

Combine this format with the other available formats:15x20 cm|21x30 cm|50x70 cm

Create a mix of horizontal and vertical photos - an asymmetrical composition is a perfect ingredient for a unique decoration.

Place the frames on a low cabinet or directly on the floor to give a dynamic mood to your favourite space.

Tips for decorating with large format photos

Combine them with smaller frames or elements like in a collage, and place them on a large wall such as a living room or bedroom wall.
Try placing them directly on the floor, leaning against a wall, possibly near a plant.
Make it the star of your office, giving it a place of honour in the centre of the wall. Success is guaranteed.

Inspirations for placing photos on the wall


Hang the frames in a straight line to give harmony and order to small spaces.

Living room

Play with multiple sizes to create a unique asymmetrical composition.

Bedroom or office

Place the frames over a piece of furniture or a shelf for a horizontal decoration.

Tips for hanging pictures on the wall

Choose a common element to make the decoration harmonious and coherent, such as frames of the same colour or images with similar palettes.
If you want to use several frames together, don't space them too far apart and keep the same distance above and below.
Create a photo composition on top of a piece of furniture, making sure to centre the frames and not place them too far apart.