Seating Plan Originales

Unique Seating Charts

The perfect Seating Chart for your wedding

It's time for your guests to take their seats and what's better than guiding them with a unique, elegant and fun tableau. The seating chart is a crucial decorative element at any event or wedding. At Miss Wood

What style are you looking for for your seating plan?

Seating Plan Traveling Wedding

Create a traveler's corner with suitcases, destinations and other elements next to your seating with the world map. Each table, a country or continent.

Seating with Photos

Print the photos of your guests in an original way and place them in one of the seating plans we offer. Choose our mini polaroids if the list is long or regular polaroids.

Rustic Wedding Seating Plan

Wood is a material that can not miss at a wedding or rustic event. Create a corner with this piece of wood and add the guest list in an original way.

Vintage Wedding Seating Plan

Flowers are key in this decorative style, add them on the seating plan and enjoy a classy corner.