Wooden signs for your business

When opening a shop, taking aesthetics into account is essential: the logo must be visible, the opening hours clear and legible, and the interior areas well signposted for an easy fruition. Small details that can help you attract many new customers.
Whether for information, directions or simple decoration, you are in the right place to boost your business by adding a touch of style with our customized wooden signs.
We only use wood from sustainable forests in Northern Europe, of the best quality and at the best price. Stand out from your competitors and give a unique twist to your brand identity. Of course, handmade in our atelier in Barcelona.

Signs for Bars, Cafés, and Restaurants

Add a creative touch to your venue by placing extra strong wooden signs. Silkscreen or digital colour printing.

Lacquered wooden menu

A unique way of displaying and presenting the menu to your customers with an artisanal twist and highly durable material.

Entrance sign

There are many options to make your brand stand out. Wood is an eco-friendly option, raw and full of character.

Maximum Capacity Sign

Details make the difference, you know that. So, take care of every little one, including the maximum capacity sign.

Bathroom or Toilet Signs

A creative idea for signposting the toilets in your bar or restaurant, with a top-class sustainable material.

Decorative Signs

Wood suits any style and decoration. Add custom paintings and signs to create the best wall art for your venue.

Other information Signs

Opening hours, customer rating or open and close signs. Opt for a natural solution, even for the smallest details.

Shop Signs

The customer is always right. Or not? Guide yours with signs and signage for better orientation and a satisfying experience in your shop.

Produce Signage

Decorate each department or aisle with information signage to help customers easily find what they are looking for.

Visual Identity Photos

Create a cool atmosphere to add style to your shop by printing evocative images on top-quality wood. The result will be a unique, natural piece with an organic touch.

Promotional billboards

Forget about boring old-school ads and go for a decorative piece of wood to give a classy twist to your shop.

Hotel Signage

Add a natural, handcrafted and high-quality touch to your accommodation with custom wooden signs and decorative paintings. Turn your hotel into a truly cosy place.

Indoor Signage

A handmade directional signs indicating different areas of the hotel is the perfect solution to orientate your guests.

Room number signs

Leave the traditional, boring numbering behind and try our wooden options to add a classy organic twist to each room.

Decorative signs

For rooms, reception, or the restaurant: a touch of natural wood will create a warm, welcoming vibe.

Offices and Coworking

Design a unique workspace by hanging handmade wooden signs and posters. Customize the walls with motivational quotes to create a cool vibe.

Corporate signs

Inspire your employees : print encouraging quotes or your company values on a wooden sign. Place it somewhere special in the office, so everyone can see it.

Internal signage

Even if no one has ever got lost, a directional totem with wooden sings is always a good idea to help those visiting the office for the first time. And, also a great option for adding a natural touch to the space.

Company logo

Whether for the company facade or the office walls, displaying your logo in style is essential to make your business stand out.

360º Service

Bespoke Service

Our specialized professionals at your disposal, who will guide you step by step to realize your customized project. We follow the entire process: from concept, design and production, to delivery.

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