How to decorate the entrée wall

The entrance of your home is an area too often neglected. Still, you can make an impressive restyling with a few tips and decorative elements. Take a look at these three ideas - which fits your style best?

Natural materials

A world map to welcome guests

A simple painting is sometimes enough to match the furniture in the entrée so that it does not seem too empty. A world map where you can pin all your trips is a great option to keep dreaming of new destinations to explore. In cork, wood, canvas or paper, choose the one you like best and fill your home with adventures.

Framed photos

A triumphant entry with personality

Photos of the people we love and our best trips help us feel better. Imagine coming home after a long day at work, opening the door and seeing your fav ones and the unforgettable moments you spent together hanging on the wall. A warm welcome to truly feel at home. Frame your most beautiful shots and let your creativity flow.

A warm welcome

Garland of lights and memories

If you have little space in your entrée, a very creative solution is to make a garland with Polaroids of your favourite moments, weaving some LED lights around the wire. A perfect idea to give your hallway a super cosy vibe. Select the shots you love most and print them in different formats.

Entrance decorating ideas

Every entrance is unique: some are wide, some others narrow and long, and some are small and integrated into another room. Regardless of how yours looks, our wall decorating ideas will inspire you to create an elegant and classy restyling for your home's entrée.

Entrée wall decor inspirations

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