10 things you need to know about Kangaroo Island

10 cosas que necesitas saber sobre la Isla Canguro

Kangaroo Island, a zoo without walls.

If you want to know everything about the island that looks like a zoo you are in the right place!


1- All the wonders that this small natural sanctuary has attract a lot of tourists, which makes the prices increase. So visiting the island in July reduces both prices and the number of tourists, besides it is the time of birth of the marsupials, so you will see many baby kangaroos.


2- The Admirals Arch, like the Remarkable Rocks is an impressive natural formation. You will be amazed when you are there.

3- If you want to see a seal colony in its natural environment, Seal Bay not only allows it, but also offers specialized tours to go right to the center of the colony.

4- If you are more adventurous and intrepid, you can take a tour around the island in a 4x4, and if you are even more daring, don't miss the quad tours that take place.


5- More than 85% of the aussies live less than 50 km from the coast.

6- Australia was the second country in the world that allowed women to vote.

7- 3.4 billion years old has the oldest fossil on the planet, and it was found in this country.


8- Australia's national dish is meatloaf, which is a tartlet filled with vegetables and, of course, meat. All very well ground and spiced.

9- Lamington, the dessert par excellence. A chocolate cake sprinkled with coconut, yummy!

10- We already said it in our Byron Bay post, but we have to name it again, because it really has me impressed: Kangaroo meat. Grilled or barbecued, it's very common in this area.

EXTRA - There is no public transport on the island, so it is best to rent a car. To avoid doubling the price, rent a car in Adelaide and take the ferry to the island with it.