12 things you need to know before going to Austria

12 cosas que necesitas saber antes de ir a Austria


There are many good times to go to Austria, but if you want to enjoy a winter atmosphere come between December and March, don't miss out on the winter sports!

If you're more into trekking, hiking and the mountains, the best time to go is in the spring and summer.

If what you like is to go around the cities and discover the history any time is good, because in spring and summer you will have the good weather, but in winter you will enjoy the snow and the festive atmosphere.


Rattenberg. This is the smallest city in Austria and has only 440 inhabitants. A great place to get lost for a few days to disconnect from everything, a small paradise in the middle of Europe, with a great mining and glass tradition.

Hall. This is another charming city you shouldn't miss. With a great tradition of salt mining, coinage and a large port this city will make you get lost in its medieval town with several churches and chapels.

Imst-Gurgltal. You probably already have it on your list, but just in case I want to remind you, this place is home to wonders like Starkenberg Castle or the Alpine Coaster, one of the longest mountain slides in the Alps.


Tradition is part of everyday life in Austria and they have managed to combine it with modern life to perfection. If you decide to come in winter you will be able to enjoy one of the best cities in Europe and its winter traditions.

The waltz. This traditional European dance could not be missed in the place where it was born. Originally from the Tyrol, it reached its peak among the nobility in 1760.

Take advantage of the winter to see the wonderful mangers. During the 17th century they became fashionable and are now traditional in the area, where a great deal of work is done to recreate these beautiful scenes, including hand-carved wooden cribs.


Wiener Schnitzel. The Viennese escalope is possibly one of the most famous dishes in Austria. Try some served in the traditional way, with potato salad and lemon slices.

Schweinsbraten. Roasted or stewed pork pieces, seasoned with cumin, garlic and served with sauerkraut and bread dumplings. This dish will make you feel very hungry.

Apfelstrudel. Being in Austria you can not miss a good piece of apple strudel on your plate. Traditional Austrian dessert has travelled the world with many variations, so since you are here what better than trying the original recipe.