5 places you cannot miss in Alicante

5 lugares que no te puedes perder en Alicante

Best time to travel to Alicante

In Alicante you can enjoy sunshine 300 days a year, so any time is good to visit this part of the Mediterranean. Keep in mind that summer is the high season and it is more crowded.

What to do in Alicante

1. Alicante city: with the Mediterranean in the background and the castle of Santa Bárbara dominating the city, Alicante is a bright and warm city, which enjoys a temperate climate most of the year. To go up to the castle you will pass through the Santa Cruz neighborhood, with narrow streets and white facades. Stroll along the Esplanade of Spain, whose mosaic floor simulates the waves of the Mediterranean.

2. Isla de Tabarca: After seeing the port of Alicante and enjoying its beaches, take an excursion to the island of Tabarca.

3. Altea: If you have days left in your visit, we recommend you travel the coast of Alicante and visit picturesque towns such as Altea. There you will find unimaginable frames.

4. Guadalest: One of the best kept jewels in the interior of Alicante, a charming medieval town with treasures worth visiting.

5. Calpe: A coastal town famous for its colorful houses, perfect for capturing a perfect moment and storing it on your film.

You cannot leave Alicante without trying

- Rice is the main protagonist of the gastronomic tradition of the coastal towns of Alicante. And it is that, not only in Valencia is it the star food. Arroz a banda is one of the typical rice dishes of the province of Alicante.

- The pericana is another common recipe. As if it were a salted salad, it is eaten spread on toast with aioli or as a garnish. For the coldest days, nothing better than a stew from grandma.

- The Alicante olleta, made up of rice, vegetables, legumes, pork ribs and bacon, onion and pepper.

Curiosities of Alicante

In the Castle of Santa Bárbara, several horror films were filmed, such as "Count Dracula" from 1970 and "Dracula against Frankenstein" from 1974, both by the filmmaker Jesús Franco.

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