Discover all the treasures hidden in the impressive Christmas Island.

Descubre todos los tesoros que esconde la impresionante Isla de Navidad.


The average temperatures on these islands are between 25º and 30º so they generally enjoy good weather. It is true, due to the geographical area in which they are located, they sometimes have abundant rainfall because of the strong storms coming from the west.

However, from March to October, the trade winds come into play and regulate the climate quite a bit.


One of the main tourist attractions of this island is sport fishing and it has a large extension of marshes that are home to spectacular stone fish. It's also a very attractive island for diving enthusiasts - you don't know how many secrets its waters hold! It is a wonder to go into them.

We recommend that you do not stay on this island alone. Christmas Island is beautiful, we know, but since you've come this far and are surrounded by such an archipelago in the Pacific, how could you not keep visiting it!

Therefore, we suggest you also visit the Gilbert Islands, wonderful virgin islands, which have hardly been explored where you can feel like a real castaway. Take advantage of the opportunity to interact with the locals. It will be a unique experience, you will see ;)


Did you know that...

  • near the island there were US nuclear tests?
  • most of the country is no more than two meters high? This could be a big problem, as climate change and rising sea levels could cause it to disappear.
  • is the inhabited country that first receives the new year?
  • coconut was the main source of income for this country until it was overtaken by tourism.


As you can imagine, being an archipelago, fish and seafood are very present in its cuisine. But something that is also very present and much more curious is... THE WORMS! Yes, yes, as you are reading. And that is that these insects are super-prized snacks in this country.

It must be said, that there is not much variety in the diet of the locals due to the lack of land and fresh water.

If you are going for the first time and don't want to risk too much, we recommend you try the Te Iaia, which are noodles mainly cooked with coconut sauce, chopped onions and a few drops of lime... which are finger-licking good.

You can't forget to try the Toddy too, which is the sap of the coconut tree, appreciated for its sweet taste. A delight!

We hope we have convinced you that Christmas Island is a super deal as a holiday destination. Nothing will be the same after this trip. We assure you!

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