Namibia, the jewel of the desert

Namibia, la joya del desierto

Go deep into the biggest deserts in Africa and discover a way of living completely away from what you know. Dunes, lakes and safaris that will never leave your memories, dare to experience this great adventure.


The best time to go is undoubtedly May, which is the wettest month. This may seem a contradiction, but remember that you are in a desert area, so it is very unlikely that you will get rain, but you will find the vegetation blooming and a cool climate.


The two national parks you cannot miss are the Etosha, one of the largest in the world, and the Namib-Naukluft, where you will find what is considered the oldest desert in the world.

Orange dunes, lakes and the mountain range, a rainbow of contrasts for you to spend an unforgettable journey. Keep in mind that the parks are separated from each other when planning the trip. Besides, you will find camping areas. Do you dare to camp in the most majestic parks of the African continent?

You can also not miss the opportunity to go to Kolmanskop, a ghost town built in 1908. In this area it was very easy to find diamonds, but after the First World War larger caliber mines were found and the city was abandoned.


In Namibia there is a great diversity of ethnic groups, such as the Himba or the Owambo. The culture of the area draws from these groups and from those traditions brought by the German and Afrikaner colonizers, although the only ethnic group that preserves the most traditional lifestyle are the Himba.

The musical, dance and architectural arts are highly developed. From the unique use of the voice to create animal sounds, to the rhythms with drums, they come together to create an indigenous and differentiated melody. Each ethnic group and area has its own musical and dance resources, so wherever you go you are sure to be surprised.


Although the braaivleis (a type of barbecue cuisine) is one of the typical dishes of Namibia, you can't miss the traditional dishes of the different ethnic groups such as the mileie (a cornmeal stew), or some dish prepared with cucurbita moschata, a species of pumpkin native to America, but which has a long tradition in the area.

Our special recommendation is a little touristic this time, but you can't miss the Solitaire bakery. It's located in the middle of the desert and has a gas station as well. Its owner, buried in the same farm, made his apple pie famous.