Sri Lanka, the tear of India

Sri Lanka, la lágrima de la India


1- Sri Lanka has a tropical climate, so the general temperatures are around 30ºC all year round.

2- The coldest month is January, but unless you go to the mountain it will not be cold. Of course, in the mountains put on warm clothes, because you could reach 10ºC.


3- Udawalawe National Park. Located in the south of Sri Lanka, this nature reserve was established in 1972. Here you can easily see Asian elephants, crocodiles, buffalo and more complicated leopards.

4-Nuwara Eliya. This city has wonderful landscapes and is the area that produces the most tea in Sri Lanka. Its green and cloudy mountains will leave you breathless, but keep in mind that the temperature here is lower than in other parts of the country.

5- Kandy. Considered the capital of culture and Buddhism. It is located in the middle of a plateau, with a lake in the center of the city. This wonderful place is surrounded by mountains full of jungles and plantations. Be sure to visit temples like Sri Dalada Maligawa.

6- Adam's Peak. This mountain of more than two thousand meters has been considered sacred by Buddhists, Muslims and Hinduists. The latter make a pilgrimage to the top, with a route that lasts approximately 4 hours and is thousands of steps. It is usually done so that you are at the top at dawn.

7- Mirissa. This small town on the coast has many virtues, including that it does not have too many tourists. Thanks to its particular location here you can surf, but you could also rent a whale watching boat.


8- Religion forms a very active part of Sri Lanka and accompanies them in almost all facets of life. Buddhism is the main religion in the area.

9- Sri Lanka is a great group of culture from South India, Holland and the United Kingdom, the latter two having been colonizers. All this mixture is well reflected both in culture and in art and architecture.

10- In the north and east of the island, the Tamil culture is very strong, formed mainly by the Hindu group, which has always claimed to be recognized and has used the culture, language and baggage for this claim.

11- The usual greeting is a handshake, and if they offer you tea do not reject it, since it is rude.


12- Kottu. Surely the best known and special dish in Sri Lanka. It is made of gobanda roti (a type of bread) cut and mixed with meat, ingredients and eggs. Spectacular!

13- Appam. Typical breakfast in Sri Lanka. It looks a bit like pancakes, but it is cooked so that it is bowl-shaped, then they are put inside the ingredients, which can be sweet or salty, although the most common is the one with fried egg.

14- Tea. Coming to this country and not trying their tea, it is like not having arrived, whether you like it or not like drinking it regularly, do not hesitate to try the country's own.