Travelling to Porto, on the banks of the Douro River

Viajamos a Oporto, a orillas del Duero

When to Go

Spring is the best season to enjoy the city and the outdoors.⠀

What to Do

Porto is famous for its imposing bridges and the production of Port wine. Get lost in the medieval Ribeira district, full of narrow cobbled streets lined with cafés and merchants' houses. Check out the Church of São Francisco, known for its outstanding Baroque gilt inner decoration or the 19th-century Palacio de Bolsa, formerly a stock exchange, built to impress potential European investors.⠀⠀

Must-Eat Dishes

The star dish in Oporto is cod prepared in different ways. And of course, don't skip the francesinhas, a kind of sandwich made with ham, cheese, fresh sausage, beef fillet, egg and other ingredients.

Fun Facts

The first Portuguese cinema film was made in the now commercial Santa Catarina Street in 1896. It lasted a minute barely and showed workers leaving the factory. The building was later bought by the Italian firm Benetton.

Miss Wood Tip

One of the best areas to stay in Porto and where there is the highest concentration of hotels, is around the Torre dos Clérigos and in nearby Praça da Liberdade, in the city's heart.