Prolaboral Xalest Project

Proyecto Prolaboral Xalest

The Prolaboral Xalest association is an initiative that fights for the social and labor integration of people with intellectual disabilities.

From Miss Wood we collaborate jointly with this project since 2019, which are responsible for the handling of some of our products, such as the pins or the pack of flags.

We talked to María Sánchez, in charge of production, to explain a little more about what they do. This is what she tells us.

When and how was the Prolaboral Xalest project born?

The project began in 1996 in Sabadell, when a group of parents came together to respond to the need for care and employment of their children with functional diversity. It seems like yesterday and last year we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the organization!

What is the mission of the association?

To accompany the adult person in their life project, creating support and offering resources to improve their quality of life, favoring their social and labor insertion, their welfare, rights and interests.

How has the association evolved over the years?

It started with a few families in a space in a special education school in Sabadell, with only one educator. Over time, more families joined to expand services and staff and improve care for users. The location of the center has changed over the years, with the expansion of the number of places and with the agreement of the Occupational Center. We are currently in a space provided by the Sabadell City Council while we wait to have access to larger facilities that are more suitable to the needs of the users.

Could you tell us about the services offered by Prolaboral Xalest?

At the center we offer an alternative for people with functional diversity who cannot access an ordinary work environment, through the Occupational Therapy Service and the Occupational Insertion Service. The Center also offers canteen service and the management of adapted transportation for those people who need it.

What activities are carried out in the association?

We carry out various activities related to the therapeutic occupation and that have no commercial or productive purpose, such as the manipulation of products from various external companies, an activity that you already know! We also make handicraft products, cafeteria, orchard and gardening, decoration, recycling, maintenance and cleaning of spaces, we set up our handicraft stand in different festivities and events ... We do not stop! On the other hand, we do learning maintenance activities through projects and trainings, newsletter, physical exercise activities such as swimming, sports, relaxation, dance, maintenance, equine therapy ... in addition to other activities such as theater, design, choral singing, outings, excursions, travel ....

How does this type of social inclusion work help to improve the abilities of people with functional diversity?

Manipulative work keeps us active, alert to new challenges and learning, while maintaining motor skills, concentration and teaches us to acquire work habits, to relate to people and environments. Through work, we feel useful and valued by ourselves and by society.

What do you like most about working at Prolaboral Xalest?

The best thing is to be able to work with them side by side and see how they improve every day. I think what I value most is being able to share time and accompany them in their personal growth.

How do you collaborate with companies like ours?

By offering the best of ourselves! We are fortunate to have companies that trust our skills and good work. The flow of work that comes to us, despite the current situation, is constant, which we are grateful for, as it allows us to provide quality employment. There are times when companies find themselves with peaks of work that they cannot handle, and that is where we come in. We always try to give a quick response, within our possibilities, to these needs. We do it so well that whoever contacts us, repeats ;)

From Miss Wood we thank Maria and Prolaboral Xalest for this important work for our society. We are happy to be part of this beautiful project.

Good luck and success!

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