Discovering Road to Wild

Descubriendo a Road to Wild

This incredible couple has travelled around the planet living impressive adventures, among them a wonderful meeting with a shaman, do you dare to meet them with us?

1 - Good morning! First of all, who are you? What moves you? Tell us a little about yourselves. Define yourselves in a tweet.

We are Raquel and Sergio, photographers and travelers under the name Road to wild. Our two passions are travelling and photography, we have brought them together and we love to share it with all the community around us.

2 - What do you find most frightening about travelling?

Learning about the cultures we visit is undoubtedly what enriches you most and opens your mind. Getting out of the familiar and into the customs of the countries we travel to as much as possible is something that has become addictive.

3 - What was the craziest adventure you have ever had on a trip?

It is difficult to choose one truth! The most extreme one was in Honduras, we were doing a zip line over some huge waterfalls, when we got down they suggested we go underneath it and reach a cave on the other side. Without a doubt, it was the most extreme, the water pressure you couldn't breathe through your nose, you had to go tied to a rope, without having visibility... It was incredible!

4 - We know that travelling makes you grow as a person, what has it taught you?

He has taught us to surpass ourselves, both personally and professionally. We have lived incredible moments, we have overcome the challenges that have been put before us and we have continued to give our best.

5 - What is the strangest thing you have eaten and where did it go? What did you feel?

We're a bit conservative with food, actually. The strangest thing we've eaten was oysters, we tried them for the first time this summer in Copenhagen and it was a very, very strange feeling...

6 - Speaking of strange things... What is the strangest thing you have ever experienced or seen while traveling?

The strangest situation we have experienced was in Guatemala. We had the opportunity to get in touch with a Mayan shaman in the middle of Santiago de Atitlán. There, a religious syncretism between the Mayan beliefs and the Catholic beliefs has resulted in gods that mix both religions and the same with their customs, just when we arrived they were making an offering of an orange fanta to a god who smoked cigarettes.

7 - Now that we have moved away from travelling, who would you like to have dinner with? (Living, dead or fictitious person) Why?

Here our tastes are divided, we both shoot towards photographers, but each one chooses a different one.

In my case, Raquel, I would love to have dinner with Vivian Maie, an American photographer who worked as a nanny for forty years and always carried her camera on her shoulder. She is a very "curious" woman from what I have been able to read and see in her documenta and I am sure it would be a very different dinner. In Sergio's case, his dinner would be with Sebastião Salgado.

He is one of his favourite photographers and has been able to portray the moments he has lived in a spectacular and very versatile way.

8- If you had a super power, what would it be? Why?

Although it may not seem like it, this is a conversation that we both have many times, and after much talking and talking we have reached an agreement that the best power would be teleportation. That way we could go anywhere and avoid the most boring things: planes, trains...

9- Thank you very much! Finally, what do you think it is essential that the world knows about you?

That wherever there is a journey and a camera, they can count on us.

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