10 Original Father's Day Gifts

10 Regalos originales para el día del padre

Don't fall for the cliché and give him a surprise!

Another year is coming up on Father's Day. That moment loved and feared by your father. Loved because surely you all get together and most likely with the excuse you stick the feast. And feared for the moment of the gift. Another year without ideas, isn't it? We're fearing the worst. A tie again? No, you want to be a little more original and go for that deodorant, aftershave and cologne outfit. Well, to be honest, it's still a little unoriginal. Well, you're lucky you got this post on our blog because we're going to give you no less than 10 ideas so your dad doesn't have to force a smile when he gets his present. Let's get started!

1 - Beer brewing kit

Do any parents not like beer? Well, here's a great deal. With this kit you can create your own homemade beer and become a real master brewer. And what better gift than the one you can enjoy together. Even if you don't help him distill it, at least you can help him with the tasting.

2 - Gintonic Kit

Nothing better after a good meal than a gin and tonic. Make your father become a sybarite in the mixture of gin, tonic and a lot of little herbs that you don't know what they are for yet, but surely with some time and after making this gift your father will be able to explain you.

3 - Rockin' lunchbox

For rock-loving parents, what better way to bring food to work than with this amp-shaped lunchbox.

4 - Balcony barbecue

You don't need the terrace to make your daddy's championship barbecue anymore. Make one of his dreams come true and take the opportunity to stop by once in a while with a few burgers to show off his cooking skills. And while you're at it, take a look at the fermentation process of the beer in the kit.

5 - Turntables

Those records hidden in the back of a closet will finally play again with this record player. Return your father to his youth through the chords of his vinyl records.

6 - I am your father

Ideal gift for young parents with children who are susceptible to falling into the dark side of power. This book by Jorge Vesterra will help your children become real geeks, in your image, and always have someone available to start a role-playing game or a game of Nintendo 64.

7 - Porron pompero

Is your father a real old schooler who doesn't contemplate drinking wine other than in porrón? Well, with this gadget you can turn any bottle of wine into a porrón and enjoy a proper drink.

8 - Polaroid

Vintage is in. What better than this camera to create unforgettable memories? Leave the digital behind and get your dad back to paper photos with this re-edition of the classic Polaroid.

9 - Traveling Power Adapter

Let him charge all his gadgets wherever he is thanks to a plug adapter that works for all countries.

10 - Woody Map + Miss Photos

And what better way to show your love than with Miss Wood? A Woody Map to mark the journeys together, as a family or in his youth. And to complement it with some Miss Photos and the best times you've had together across this planet.

Happy Father's Day!