DIY Gift Ideas For Mom and Dad

5 manualidades para regalar a tu madre o padre

Wanna surprise your father or mother with an original gift made from the heart? Read on! It's plenty of ideas for Father's Day or Mother's Day, but these 5 are top-notch.

1. Personalized greeting card

Your love for your parents doesn't depend on how much you invest in their gifts! A special thought from you is much more valuable than anything else. So, I created this greeting card, perfect for the occasion. Download it, print it and add a photo of them or you together - they'll love it.


postal gratis personalizada para el día del padre

Download free card

2. Print 20 Polaroid Photos 20 fotos polaroid (from 9,99€)

If you browse through your phone's gallery, you'll surely find shots of your parents or photos that remind you of them. You could create a collage of pictures and frame it, or find out how to make a custom travelogue. Have a look at these ideas!

Regalo para el día de la madre o el padre manualidades

3. DIY bookmark

If your parents are avid readers, they will be thrilled to use a bookmark with your face printed on it. Get yours in 4 easy steps.

1. Print out a photo of yourself and cut it into a fun shape
2. Cut out a colourful postcard in a rectangular shape
3. Glue the photo to the postcard
4. Personalize it with a message or drawing

marcapáginas para el día del padre

Idea: Wanapix

4. DIY customized phone cover

All you need is a transparent phone case and your imagination: a handwritten dedication, a drawing or a photo together, let your creativity flow. Your parents will be delighted to remember you every time they use their phones.

funda de móvil personalizada con foto para el día del padre

5. Custom Notebook (from 14,99€)

A notebook with a unique cover to turn into a travel diary or album is the perfect gift for your mother or father. A phrase. A place. A date. A name. Add your ingredients, and you have it.

Regalo original y barato para el día de la madre o el padre


Your parents deserve something unique, and with our advice, your present will! And, of course, we'd love to see the finished gift. Follow us on @misswood_bcn @misswood_bcn and send us your photo or share it by tagging us.