Tips for a truly globetrotting gift

Tips para currarte un regalo de lo más viajero

We've all got a globetrotting friend who never stops. Who grabs every opportunity to jump on a plane or hop in the car to explore an unexpected destination. Who has visited more than fifty countries and is the hardest person to buy the perfect gift for.

Here’s the ultimate guide to finding exactly the right gift for that globetrotter in your life:

1. Woody Map

The greatest adventures begin with a trip; just ask your friend who's travelled half the world. We've got a perfect map for them to tick off all the places they've visited and remember each adventure they've experienced. You simply have to choose the best one for your friend and mark all the destinations they've been to (if you know all of them :O) with the green pins, and the bucket list places for you both with the red pins.

2. Map accesories

Now that you've got the map ready with the destinations, you have to give it a touch of personality. Print out some photos of the trips you've made together and pin them on the Woody Map. Here are the different Polaroid photo formats. You can also decorate it with LED lights to give it a warm and fuzzy feeling. Imagine the map hanging in their favourite corner of the living room or bedroom. The best travel gift and souvenir that every day will remind them of all their adventures.

3. Miss Wood Candle

Well, this could quite well be the globetrotting decoration that you've always been looking for. It's time to whisk your friend off to another part of the planet through their sense of smell. Our candles are inspired by the places in the world that we want to remember. Imagine your globetrotting friend lighting the candle, taking a deep breath and letting the scent transport them back to their happy place.

4. Customized tags

This is the perfect gift if you want your friend to have their globetrotting memories with them at all times. With these personalised tags, they'll have the whole world in their hands. The best memories in one place and with loads of anecdotes to tell. A trip that you made together, a certain date, a happy place... any idea is perfect for whisking them back to this memory. Personalise the tags you want for their truly unique keyring. They’ll end up collecting their trips in flag form. Another way to travel through memories.

Any time is perfect for giving a special globetrotting gift. These are the best gifts, because they're unique and truly original, with a story behind them that deserves to be remembered.