The Best Gifts in the World

Los mejores regalos del mundo

Just like us, who love to enjoy the beauty of our Planet, more and more companies are investing in taking care of it as much as possible. When you choose a Miss Wood product as a present, you are giving more than just a product, you are transmitting a lifestyle.

Here are 3 reasons why you should pick us for your ideal gift:

1. A gift to the planet

For our company to have less impact on the environment, we have invested in local production in our workshop in Barcelona. In this way, we can control the entire production chain and quality. Also, it is crucial for us to work with organic and sustainable materials such as wood, cork or cotton.

Last but not least, we are working tirelessly to eliminate disposable plastic from all our products in the short term, and we are about to reduce plastic to 0.

2. 100% Unique and Authentic

The Woody Map - the authentic cork map - is our flagship product and the reason why many people know us. Over time, we have increased accessories, design variations, colours, sizes. Today, more than 100 options differentiate us from other brands.

For sure, in recent years, you have seen more and more maps used as a decorative element and a way to remember travels. Indeed, this is a growing trend. But what you may not know, is that - since our adventure began in 2013 - we have become the company with the broadest range of cork maps in Europe.

We are proud to be pioneers and know that other brands have taken inspiration from us to create their own map model.

3. Who doesn't like to travel?

Life is a journey, a journey full of experiences, people, cultures, sensations, aromas and memories.

All our products have been inspired by our passion for travel and knowledge. Who doesn't like to travel, discover new cultures and explore the world? There is an explorer inside each of us.

Some go on adventures overseas to explore remote places, others prefer to discover the most hidden places within the country or even their own city. Whatever you choose, we have the perfect gift for you—the best products with an adventurous spirit.