Scratch Map Vs Cork Map

Mapa de Rascar Vs Mapa de Corcho

We are very used to looking at any wall in our house and having something hanging on it. If you have a traveling spirit and soul, chances are that whatever is in that room is a map. Because a map is the perfect bridge for your journey, just by looking at it you are able to move to that point on the globe you have always wanted to visit. There are all kinds of maps, but the cork maps and scratch maps are the ones that are getting more admiration from people with a traveling soul. You can mark the destinations on them, but in a very different way. We bring you the differences between these models and the advantages of choosing the most special one.

Point out the destinations on the scratch map and the cork map

Scratch-off maps have a decorative, and even travelling, concept different from that of cork. However, the purpose is the same. Each destination you have travelled to or intend to visit is marked in a different way. With scratch maps, you can run your nail over the country and discover the name of the destination. As you uncover nations and continents, you form your own map, personalized and to the taste of the traveler. The freedom of choice is a great advantage of this map.

However, on the cork map that freedom is even greater. You can opt for some little flags to point out on the map the destinations you like the most. There is no greater pleasure for the traveller than customising your cork map as you wish. What is on the wall is the faithful reflection of the people. A good world map, leading the decoration of your house, either with flags or labels, is the best way to open and show everyone the travelling soul you have inside.

One of the differences between the scratch map and the cork world map is that the former is much lighter than the latter. That is because the scratch map, as it is not made of bark type materials, will not be thick and, therefore, it can be a simple canvas. Being poster-style, the scratch-off map is light and comfortable to carry, but it can also be more fragile when it breaks, as the material is not at all resistant.

On the other hand, the cork map has a reliability and durability that the components that make up the scratching pads do not have. Although its transport and assembly process is somewhat more complicated, although not very much, when you buy a cork map you are aware that there is very little chance of it breaking. What you invest in the cork world map will be money with a more than assured profitability.

With an eye on the environment

If you love to travel and you want the most beautiful places on the planet to stay as they are, it is necessary to make a responsible consumption of the materials we use in our day-to-day life. When we look for home decoration elements, such as maps, this is one of the aspects we should take into account.

The maps that are manufactured with materials such as cork are made with environmental awareness: it is a natural and sustainable product that does not produce any kind of pollution, as well as being biodegradable and renewable.

Maps made of plastic, unlike those made of cork, leave a highly harmful mark on the planet. Plastic is not a biodegradable material: it can take centuries to decompose and yet its presence cannot be completely eliminated.

Ink is a differential factor

One of the elements that make the scratch map different from the cork world map is the use of ink. The scratch maps have been designed with a scratchable ink, to make the process of discovering a country more harmonious. However, that can also make the map dirty, since ink is an element prone to stain the paper.

On the contrary, if you choose the cork you make sure you don't have any problem with the ink, although if you use little flags to mark the destinations you must also be careful not to damage the world map. A good care of the maps, independently of the model you have chosen for your house, is key to make them last as long as you want.

Both the scratch map and the cork map are good choices when it comes to decorating your house. To build your own landscape and travel in your home is that simple. Each model of world map has its advantages, as well as its possible disadvantages. Choosing the one that best fits your walls is up to you. Your travelling soul will benefit.