Miss Wood Candles! Travel with the sense of smell

Miss Wood Candles! Viaja a través del olfato

After many months of work and a pandemic in between, we are excited to present a new product that we look forward to showing you. We are inveterate travellers; we love planning new adventures, discovering the world and savouring life. We want to go further and awaken in you a feeling that will make you remember your travels in a very special way. And we will do it through your sense of smell.

The sense of smell, more than any other of the four senses, automatically takes us back in time, to those places and feelings of happiness.

We can associate odours, scents and aromas with the places we have been. You will undoubtedly remember the scent of the holiday home where you spent the summer as a child or the detergent your grandmother used, and you will certainly never forget the aroma of the flowers in the field where you used to run with your friends. I am sure that if you breathe them again, you will recall unforgettable moments full of nostalgia.

What does the world smell like?

We have designed and created candles of the world as we want to awaken your sense of smell and make you travel far away. To relive the most memorable moments of all the adventures you experienced.

Our candles are inspired by those places in the world that we want to remember forever. Breathe deeply and let aromas and sensations take you back to the other side of the planet.

Asian Candle

Jasmine & Magnolia. Back to the street markets of Asia, full of spices like curry, cardamom or pepper to live those moments of chaos in the Asian streets dotted with tuk-tuk and silent walks in the rice fields again.

Tropical Candle

Amber & Vanilla. The beaches emanate the scent of salt and freedom, a unique pleasure that awakens an infinity of sensations and feelings. An unmistakable fragrance that inebriates the senses and caresses the spirit like the sea breeze filling the air.

African Candle

Amber & Olibanum. Lose yourself in the Medina of any Arab city to discover small shops full of different types of spices, leather, incense. Let yourself be transported to the Middle East and Africa by this unique perfume.

Amazonia Candle

Earl Gray & Bergamot. Close your eyes and breathe in the fragrance of raw cocoa and coffee. That sensation of pleasure transporting you into the Amazonian jungle where the silence of the forests and scents of wet earth and bamboo inebriate your soul.

European Candle

Rosemary. Relax and take a deep full breath. Let yourself be permeated by sensations and memories: wet earth, eucalyptus trees, pines, grass, the fog that slides on the road, the wood of the houses, the thousand facets of the rock, if you stop for a moment, you will be able to perceive it. Can you smell it?

Mediterranean Candle

Lavender. Summer afternoons immersed in the Mediterranean sun, the fresh breeze caressing the skin while taking a nap under the branches of a fig tree. A scent of freshness with hints of flowers, honey and fields of lavender.

Natural Candle

In addition to these 6 fragrances, we have created one odourless and neutral in colour. It is so beautiful that perhaps you could use it as a detail in your home decor.

4 characteristics of our candles

I want to give you a few more details about our candles. Getting to the final version was not easy, but we think the result is really amazing, and we would like you to know what's behind and what makes them really unique.

1. Design and Pouring

They are 100% handmade, designed and manufactured in Barcelona, investing in local, zero-miles producers. We hand-paint them one by one to give the final touch to the relief.

They are created from a mould we designed.

Their composition is 80% vegetable wax, 8% perfume and 12% high-quality paraffin.

The wick is made of pure cotton, lead-free, which guarantees natural combustion so that you can enjoy their light in all tranquillity.

2. Scents

All the essences of our Miss Wood Candles are natural: rosemary, jasmine and magnolia, amber and olibanum, bergamot! Each model, an immersion in a relaxing journey for all your senses.

The whole team was part of the creative process, and we chose the perfumes carefully and selectively (although it wasn't difficult to agree), transported by the aromas on a journey through magical places and memories. You can't even imagine how good they smell!

3. Handcrafted production

As you can see, our Miss Wood Candles were designed and made with a lot of love. Their production is totally handcrafted and, for this reason, a little slow-paced because we can only make one candle a day for each mould.

The process starts with pouring the wax into the mould and, once dry, we add the final touch by hand painting the relief of the world.

5. Candleholders with personality

To accompany each candle and its essence - that scent that will transport you to your favourite places in the world - we have designed a cork candle holder as support. Each one includes a small story. Each candle has its own personality and is inspired by adventures full of magic.

I encourage you to try one and tell us what you felt and what part of the world you have travelled to!