What to offer to a traveler friend?

¿Qué regalar a un amigo viajero?

We all have that traveler friend. that every time the date of his birthday comes you get crazy to find something that could surprise him, Difficult on someone that has visited more than 70 countries (74 to be precise). Well, you've arrived to the right place. In the following lines we are going to offer you a selection of gifts for not going crazy every time that you have to get something. Here we go!

We have the solution! 5 ideas of gifts for adventurers friends.

Scale for luggage

I'm sure at some point of those hundreds of flights your colleague has had to check in that Mega Backpack due to excess weight. Well, from now this would not happen more, thanks to your new supergift.

Tripod Gorilapod

A good backpacker as your colleague, likes to travel alone, meditate, observe new cultures, enjoy the local cuisine, immortalize the beautiful buildings or landscapes that surround him. But, as to the whole world, Well, quiet, for that there is the Gorilla Pod. With This Tripod he can take plenty of pictures placing it in the most unlikely places, thanks to its structure fully adjustable.

Scrubba Wash Bag

After that field trip where they have walked over 10 miles in the Vietnamese jungle we might say that his clothes doesn't give off a pleasant aroma. If we add to that that his hostel in Hanoi has no laundry service we make of this gift the perfect complement to your trip to Vietnam. The Scrubba Wash Bag is a portable washing machine that weighs only 140 grams. It's a cloth bag where you can put in the water and detergent. Once everything inside rubs, washes, dries and voila! Clean clothes for the tomorrow excursion.

Scooter suitcase

Last call for passengers of flight if-4531 with destination Bucharest! And he still walk about 2 miles to get to his gate. C’mon Scooter Suitcase! It's no joke, even if it looks like. With the Scooter suitcase he can cross the airport terminal in record time and being the envy of all those who see him rolling (they hatin’) at the speed of light.

Woody Map

And where your good friend will leave the mark of his travel resume? Nothing better than the Woody Map to show in his dining room the infinite number of places that he have seen and step back to tell you, for the umpteenth time, the story of that time he was lost in that bad neighborhood of Bangkok.

It is difficult to find something original and useful for someone who never stops to travel. Don't go crazy, be original with our maps!