10 things you should know about decoration and you didn't ask before

10 cosas que debes saber de decoración y nunca te atreviste a preguntar

Essential tips to keep in mind if you want your home to become a place more confortable

You can tackle the decor in different ways. We can take it as a pleasure that serves to provide a personal point all the corners of your house. Or as a pleasant obligation that impresses our personality in our abode. If we have finally decided to get down to work and make our home have some coherence and make us feel in a welcoming environment, that post interests you. Get ideas so as to we can take refuge when we try to escape the outside world.

1.Define your style

    Set your course before you start sailing. Take a look to wide sea of Google where you surely find a thousand ideas for your house. If the immensity of the Internet overwhelms you can always look for more specific things in magazines specialized in decoration. Once you mix the references in your head, plaster them in your house and create your style. Remember also that everything is not worth, always look for the harmony between styles.

    2. The ancient never goes out of style

      Get added value to your decor by adding old elements. Look at grandparents' house for sure they have things hidden in cupboards that can give an interesting touch to your decor. If you can not search for family heirlooms, you can always get a look at one of the antiques markets in your city.

      3. DIY style

      Are you going crazy looking for that piece of decoration you saw on that trip to Denmark? Can not you find it anywhere? Cheer up and do it yourself. The DIY spirit (do it yourself) can give your home an even more personal touch if it fits. Come on! Buy those wooden slats, a little paint and imagination and create totally unique things.

      4. Don't forget the plants

      A little green will not hurt your home. Plants can give your decoration that organic extra that you are looking for. Aw! That you are a clueless? Do not worry nowadays in the market there are artificial alternatives that will pass for natural.

      5. Light, light and more light

      Light is one of the most quoted elements when looking for floor. But if your floor is of which the light shines by its absence the white will be the most advisable color when it comes to painting walls and ceilings. You can also use carpets and curtains to get a lighter ambience.

      6. Look for the balance of your walls

      Decorating the walls is one of the key points in the decoration of your home. If you plan to make a composition with several elements test first on the floor. A harmonious composition will give your wall that touch of class you were looking for. That way you'll avoid having to make useless holes and you'll be safe when it comes to filling everything with alcayatas.

      7. Decorate with books

      We all know that books are an inexhaustible source of knowledge. But if other than feeding your intellect can help you decorate your home? Take advantage of that bookshelf full of books by arranging them by colors. You can also stack them on the floor and use them for, for example, a table for a lamp.

      8. Use wood

      One of the materials that has been most used to find that touch of warmth that your home requires. From a rustic style kitchen, through the parquet floor or a simple woody decorating your walls.

      9. ¡The color can change everything!

      Although you have decided that white will be the color of your new decoration, use always a small touch of color to your rooms. Either with curtains, decorative elements or a wallpaper wall. The absence of color in transparent objects can favor the smaller spaces offering a feeling of greater amplitude.

      10. Decorate with maps ¡It's fashion!

      Are you passionate of traveling? Fill your house with cartography. Miss Wood Woody Map offers you the possibility to customize them in all its variants. Whether the Cork Woody Map with its pins or the Woody Map Chalkboard with its colorful chalks. We hope that our advice will serve to make your home a much more welcoming place and get to give that touch of personality that you were looking for.