Decoration for parties and events

Decoración para eventos y fiestas

Organizing something important? Without any doubt you have think about some points to have into account: catering, music, invitations and maybe, one that needs more attention, the decoration.

Type of parties

It’s easy to find any excuse so as to show an awesome party but from Miss Wood we have done a selection of the most common things in connection with the celebrations. Decorative elements needed to get a great success. Let’s give it all!


The special party, once a year it’s our day and we want to give our best for people we appreciate. A good thing is to organise a cool celebration. For the kids that day is the best of their year. Nowadays, one of the trendiest celebrations is the thematic party. It can be a chance to make something very special with a lot of fantasy transforming your place in a pirate house or in a castle full of princess and knights. The theme party is also a fever for teenagers. In that case, parties take and ambience from past decades (60’s, 70’s, 80’s) or in spectacular places as Hawaii or Mexico.


Who will be the new entrepreneur who will start a new business? That one can be a perfect situation so as to have as an invited some of the future clients. Another example can be the inauguration of a new place, a new home you want to show to your friends and family.

Leaving party

Nobody likes to say goodbye to their friends and being kilometers away from people who have been like family. But, if at the end is something that we need to go on with, the best way to thank them is organizing a big celebration. For example, if one of your best friends is leaving to United Kingdom, it would be a nice idea to organize a British thematic party and decorate everything with UK flags and colorful English hats.

Types of products in order to decorate a PARTY

Let’s go for it. Which decorative elements are a MUST for your party?

  • Balloons: They are the international symbol of parties. Where there’s a balloon there is a party. We can find many different types with variety of shapes and colors.
  • Garlands: That’s another must in a party. From the classic ones to the ones that even illuminate with lights inside. It will also bring color and a cool decoration to our party.
  • Wooden elements: If you are looking for an elegant style and trendy at the same moment, wood is without doubt the material needed. Wood panels that can show positive messages, arrows that indicate the direction of the different zones of the party etc.

Miss Wood offers you an important selection of products totally customized so as to make of your party a great and memorable celebration for you and your guests.

Unclog the champagne and turn up the volume that we are going to give everything! 

Check some examples of cool parties