Wedding Decoration Ideas with Miss Wood, Yes I do!

Ideas de decoración para bodas con madera

Decoration for the most important day of your life

The good weather is already here. And with him the wedding season. What, are you going to marry you? Well you arrive to the right place to find that decoration that you have been dreaming since you decided to start a new life. Do you already have in mind all the decorative elements that will be in your wedding? Well, you found the right place to find some ideas.


The first step you have to take is to decide who you want to invite. Then you have to tell them. And the best way to do it is with an original invitation that will expand your joy once you deliver it. There ara many types of invitations. From the most classic in cardboard to the Miss Wood invitation in wood. We leave you a few images to inspire you.

Floral Decoration

What would be your wedding without flowers? From the bouquet to the decoration of the place of the ceremony passing by the car. We can find various types of floral decoration. What do you think?

Seating plan

One of the biggest headaches, right? As we know that you had enough problems to put everyone on their respective chairs we will help you with the task of choosing a seating plan para que al llegar todos sepan so that when people arrive everyone will know where they are going. Calm, after two glasses of wine those familiar tensions that might exist will vanish like tears in rain. Here we leave you the most interesting ideas that we have found. The custom Woody Map of Miss Wood will be certainly a great option to distribute your guests at their tables.

Table indicators

Okay, our guests know they're going to the New York table, but where's that table? For this you will need some table indicators. You can find them in all shapes, colors, sizes and materials.But we recommend that you personalize our Woody S or our Woody Board and place it in the center of your tables.


Where is the appetizer? And then to eat? The disco? Drinks? Solve your guests' questions by using arrows to indicate where the hot spots are. What? You don't know where to find it? Well in Miss Wood we make the arrows and the mast for you completely customized for your wedding.

What did you think of our ideas? We hope you have found some inspiration for that special day.