Inspiration and Traveling Decoration: 7 Tips to Keep in Mind

Inspiración y decoración viajera: 7 tips a tener en cuenta

Traveling is a dream that we all have always in mind, to cross the limits of your daily life for a while. But it is not necessary to take a plane and run far away to achieve it. If the moment of inspiration suddenly appears in your house and you fill the walls and shelves with travelling decoration , you will not have to leave your home to enjoy the pleasures of a trip. We offer you seven tips to exploit your travelling inspiration and make your home your next destination:

Dress up your walls with a traveling decoration

Observe the world from your room with a map:

You don't have to get out of bed to see the world. Traveling inspiration can come to you at the most unexpected time, even when you're getting up early, if you have a map in your room to look at whenever you feel like it. As you go about your daily business, you can start planning your next destination or simply dream about the journey of a lifetime. And if you mark on the map the places you would like to go or have been lucky enough to travel to, it will be easier for you to start the day with a smile on your face.

Turn your living room into a small natural park:

Who doesn't want to get home and relax after a long day? A forest or a natural park are the best places to make a relaxing getaway. With your own style you can turn your living room into the best space to meet yourself without having to go far away. Harmonious colours, combined with relaxing green tones and pictures of forests that take you to the most absolute peace are the best formula for adventurous decoration to give you a breath of fresh air. And if you choose to put in some exotic plants, the combination will be even more travelling.

Decorate the walls with the memories of your travels:

A map in your room is a good idea, but what will make you smile even more is placing the photo of your last trip, framed as it deserves, in the most privileged place in the whole house. Traveling inspiration can make you decide which country you will visit with your partner next summer, while you look at the picture you took together on that beach, with your old Polaroid. Remembering the most emotional moments you have lived while travelling is the best way to make decisions.

Remember the past and plan the next with a calendar:

There's nothing that makes more sense to complete your home travel décor than making a calendar so you can write down the dates of your next adventure. Plus, if you decorate it with pictures that evoke traveling passages, the calendar will be just the prelude to where your traveling inspiration will take you during your work downtime.

Don't forget the fabric for decoration

Use elements that take you on a journey, such as fabric or cork:

Not going on a trip can generate stress situations. But if you let your mind and your travelling inspiration run wild, you can create a very adventurous atmosphere. The fabric reminds you of moments of peace in your mind, as well as the cork, which takes you to the most remote places that your imagination can confine. A simple backpack, or even a notebook, can remind you that beyond your four walls there is a world to be explored.

Surf the Pacific coast from your couch:

You could opt for a house in Hawaii with a view of the Pacific Ocean, but this is probably not easy to achieve. The easiest thing to do is to choose a traveling decor that fits the landscape and takes you to the white sand beaches. Blue-tinted walls, small bottles of virgin sand or wooden surfer elements to decorate are some of the ideas to make your home look like Honolulu.

Make the atmosphere mystical with candles and incense:

Traveling décor can also relax your soul, put your body into Zen mode and escape the mundane for a few moments. The solution is to fill your living room and other rooms in your house with aromatic candles and, if you like more intense smells, choose to place incense. You will make your home a more welcoming and peaceful place to spend spiritual evenings.