The best ideas for decorating with maps!

¡Las mejores ideas para decorar con mapas!

Decorating with Maps: A Very Worldly Trend

Maps have become one of the most trendy elements in today's decoration. We can see them in all the materials, supports and places of the house. The combination of this graphic element with your rooms can be very successful if it is combined in an original way with your decoration.

The maps bring a touch of distinction and adventurous spirit that will surely not leave anyone indifferent to visiting your home. We enter the world of the map together with the decoration through the diverse options that we have to line our house with oceans, continents and countries.

Decorating rooms

Any place in the house is good to put that little piece of the world (or the whole world). The room of the smallest of the house could be an ideal place if, besides decorating, we want to feed their adventurous spirit. Besides, they will be learning geography without even realizing it. In the bedroom, just above the bed, the map takes on a special connotation. One last look at the world map before going to sleep? Yeah, you're definitely still dreaming about that trip to New York. The dining room can also be a great option if you want to show off to all your visitors how 'traveled' you are. In short, any room can be indicated to show off maps.

Maps for any support

Current decoration has placed the maps on any decorative element that can be silk-screened or lined. Lining furniture or parts of it with pieces is a good alternative if you are a real map lover and want to give a twist to the already classic maps on the wall. Another original idea could be to go from the wall to the floor and turn it into a giant map where you will feel like a giant. Cover letters or pictures with pieces of map in the shape of a butterfly. As for supports, there is only one premise... Imagination to power!

Map materials

Anything goes at this point. From the classic poster or wallpaper to the vinyl to the Miss Wood cork Woody Map. In this last material it offers us the possibility of marking with pins the countries or areas of the world that we have had the pleasure of discovering. The different sizes allow you to look for any hole in your house, whether it is a huge, unpolluted wall or a small hole in a wall full of photos.

Plus what will give your Woody Map cork its special point will be your touch of personalization. You can add photos, plane tickets, colorful lights and even museum tickets. In short, everything that can enrich it and make it even more yours.