10 characteristics of an adventurous person

10 características de una persona aventurera

In the world no two people are the same, it's clear. We all have our own personality that makes us different and special, but if there is something that defines and unites adventurous people it is the peculiar way they face life. And what is being adventurous? It is a lifestyle. Someone who seeks happiness through new experiences, who lives everything in the first person and doesn't wait to be told about it.

What's so special about adventurous people

1. They don't know the comfort zone:

Comfort zone? What's that? True adventurers do not know the meaning of this term, as they seek a new adventure whenever they can, no matter what that means. Living in comfort 365 days a year is not in their plans.

2. They never say "NO" to an adventure:

If they don't know what the comfort zone is, that's precisely why: they never say no to anything, even if it seems dangerous or risky. You never know what might be behind that little obstacle. Besides, they find risky situations stimulating and inspiring.

3. There are no excuses when it comes to travel:

It doesn't matter if it's hot or cold, any time of the year is good to go out and explore. They don't wait for the holiday season, they take advantage of any day off to embark on a new adventure. What about fate? Fate is the least of their worries! They know how to appreciate any landscape. The important thing for them is to discover the unknown.

4. They don't believe in routine:

They just find the word boring. They can't stand the idea of doing the same thing every day. It makes their world a little more fun every day and they can't wait to get away. They try to add to their weekly plans some encouraging experience to get through the boredom.

5. They want to know the whole world:

Any place in the world seems to them to be an inspiration and can become the protagonist of their new adventure. From north to south and east to west, there are no borders for those who are looking for new experiences. Each location is different and in the difference they find beauty.

6. There are no dreams, only realities:

There is no force in the world that can stop his fearless spirit. There is no dream adventure that does not come true. They have dreams, of course, like anyone else. But the thing can never stay there. Their dreams cannot remain unfulfilled, so they use any excuse to go out and see with their own eyes what they had imagined.

They are characterized by having a unique personality

7. They're self-taught:

Their greatest source of learning is the experiences of their adventures. Everything they learned in their student years will be useful for their travels, but there is nothing like finding yourself with no one around and with few resources to develop a different kind of intelligence, typical of a survivor, to face new situations.

8. They do not stay with the bad experiences:

There are no bad experiences, only life lessons. Daring to do everything has its advantages and disadvantages. One of them is that it does not always end well. There are decisions that often have a very different outcome than expected, but that is never a problem. On the contrary! Learning from mistakes and bad experiences is a great satisfaction on a personal level. In the end, everything comes down to one more anecdote that you can tell at family meals.

9. They appreciate the little things:

This is not only a virtue of adventurous people, but it is true that there are few people who know how to appreciate and enjoy them. They are usually intangible things like sensations, moments or people who transmit peace and make us happy.

10. They have a young spirit: 

There is no specific age for being a true adventurer, in fact, anyone could be. It's not about being young, it's about feeling young. The only requirement is to have an energetic spirit, a desire to do things and to learn at every fall.

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Real adventurers you must meet 

If you like to travel and are a lover of adventure, you will surely have heard of David Livingstone. This Scot, who lived two centuries ago, was one of the greatest explorers in history. A great lover of the African continent, he dedicated his life to travelling and discovering new places on the earth known as the cradle of humanity. 

But without going so far back in time, in our century there are great adventurers who, at their young age, have broken world records. One of the best known figures is Cassandra (Cassie) De Pecol, who, at the age of 27, was the first woman in the world to visit every country in record time. In just 18 months she managed to complete her project.

Britain's James Asquith was crowned the youngest traveller to go around the world at the age of 25. Now he helps other young people fulfill their travel dreams even on a small budget. He wants to make the world aware that lack of money has never been a problem for him and that there are always alternatives that most people do not know about.

It took little for Lexie Alford to unseat Asquith and become, this year, the youngest person to set foot in any country in the world. At 21, this American, winner of the Guinness World Records in the category of youngest traveler, is a real inspiration for any adventurer. She has been traveling for as long as she can remember and has finally been able to realize her dream of seeing the planet in its entirety.