10 curiosities about flags that will surprise you

10 curiosidades sobre banderas que te van a sorprender

For some, a colorful cloth, for others the representation of their homeland on cloth. What is clear is that in the course of history flags have played a very important symbolic role. Also, their design has made flag decoration a trend in recent times. But Do you know which one is the oldest in history? What does the British flag represent? And the youngest in the world? Here are 10 curiosities about the world's flags that will make you look like all the others experts in vexilologyAh! You don't know what it is. It's the science that studies flags and banners and their influence on history. You see, that which you have learned.

1. The oldest flag fell from the sky

Legend has it that the Dannenbrog, the flag of Danimarca, came down from heaven sent by God himself and filled the Danish army with courage in the Battle of Lyndanisse, which of course won the battle.

2. It all started with 3 colors in one flag

The flags of Denmark, Austria, the Netherlands, France, Great Britain, Chile, Argentina, Norway, Peru and Uruguay; only contain three colors: White, blue and red. Belgium was the first nation in the world to include colors other than these.

3. God save the FLAG

The flag of the United Kingdom, popularly known as the Jack Union, is the union of the flags of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. A curiosity about flags that few people know about.

4. The rectangle is boring

The only 3 flags that don't have a rectangular proportion are the Vatican, Swiss and Nepalese flags. This last one has as an extra curiosity to have an unheard of shape: Two triangles one on top of the other.

5. A flag in front and behind

The flag of Paraguay is the only one that has two designs with two different shields, one for the front and one for the back.

6. Alà on your flag

The flag of Saudi Arabia is raised from right to left. This is because it has the inscription:

"There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet.

It is in Arabic, a language that is written and read from right to left, in the opposite direction to the western reading that we know.

7. The country that changes its flag more than its government

Afghanistan is the country that has changed its flag the most times during its history. It has done so about 15 times, although, almost always, it has kept the shield that has changed its design from one era to another. It really is one of the greatest curiosities of the flags of the world.

8. In the sunshine

The sun on the flag of Argentina and Uruguay (Sol de Mayo) has its origin in an Inca god. The only difference is the number of rays of the sun that they have, 32 the Argentinean and 16 the Uruguayan.

9. The most democratic flag in the world

New Zealand is preparing a possible change of flag. At the moment some designs have been selected, of which there will be only 4 after a referendum. Once there is a finalist there will be a vote on whether the new design or the current flag is preferred.

10. The newcomer

The youngest flag to enjoy official status is that of Libya , despite being a design from the 1950s. You already know 10 more things. You can use them to make yourself look like a geography connoisseur among your colleagues and even having read this can earn you a cheese in the Trivial one day. And if you don't need it for any of this, you know what they say. Knowledge doesn't take up any space! And there is no denying that there are flags that are a work of art in themselves and that many people decorate their homes, clothes or even everyday objects with t-shirts.

Ah! And if you want to stick a daily review to your knowledge

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