10 Tips to Save on Airline Tickets

10 trucos para ahorrar en billetes de avión

We all wonder when is the best time to buy the tickets, because it is clear that it is not the same to pay 100 euros to go to the Canary Islands, than 400; and of course it is not the same to spend 30% more to go to Miami.

We've been doing some research to be able to give you some advice on the subject, and in addition to a few hundred thousand articles, we've also come across a lot of research on the subject, including that of Skyscanner, which is the most famous and probably the most reliable. So we're going to give you a list of the best times and tricks for buying your tickets.

1- On transcontinental trips, buy them seven months in advance.

2- The cheapest months to fly are January and November (saving 20 or 30%)

3- The most expensive are July and August, with the high season (up to 30%)

4- According to Skyscanner, the right time to buy varies greatly depending on the destination, for example, to go from Spain to the USA they recommend 2 years and 5 months in advance.

5- CheapAir recommends us to buy them exactly 54 days in advance: "On most airlines, flights go on sale 331 days earlier. This is the earliest you can book a flight... According to the data, sometimes around 225 days before (7 and a half months), on average, the rates start to decrease and 104 days before (3 and a half months) they have fallen between their minimum price and the minimum plus 10 From there, they begin to decrease, slowly but steadily, until they reach their lowest price 54 days before the flight. After 54 days, the rates start to rise again, staying within the minimum price and the minimum plus 10 euros, until 29 days before. Then the increase starts to accelerate and once you are 14 days early, the rates shoot up dramatically. “

6- People usually buy tickets on Fridays and Saturdays, especially at night, so stay away from the computer on that day.

7- The cheapest day of the week is Tuesday at 3pm, according to the Wall Street Journal.

8- If you can afford to be flexible with the dates, do it: go and come back on a weekday, instead of the weekend it will save you a few euros.

9- Buy the tickets separately, many times when buying them together you can increase the price, we know it sounds the opposite of how it should be, but this is what big companies like Skyscanner recommend us.

10- It is not proven, and in principle there is nothing that proves it, but delete the cookies from the computer, or buy them in incognito window, we do not know for sure if there can be a real saving, but for trying that there is not.

Now that you know how to get cheaper flights, don't forget to put your next destination on your map. What? You don't have it yet? Run for it, don't let it get away!