15 curiosities of the Earth you want to know

15 curiosidades de la Tierra que quieres conocer

1- It takes light 8 minutes and 20 seconds to reach the earth.

2- 90% of volcanic activity occurs below the earth's surface and in the oceans.

3- The center of the earth has the same temperature as the solar surface: 5700 °C (this temperature can vary depending on the pressure)

4- We only know 15% of the animal species that live on earth. And it is estimated that in less than half a century 75% will have existed, much of the blame lies with humans.

5- 70% of the Earth is water.

6- Of the other 30% 1/3 are deserts.

7- The Earth is the only planet with the three states of water: solid, liquid and gaseous.

8- It is also the only planet with active tectonic plates.

9- The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living structure on Earth, measuring 2,000 km

10. The border between the Earth and space is 100 km away, and it is called the Karmic line.

11- The hottest place on Earth recorded is in the Greenland Ranch, El Valle de la Muerte in California, which reached 56.7ºC

12- The coldest point is in Antarctica, at the Vostok Base, which reached -89°C

13. The highest waterfalls are in Venezuela; they are called El Santo del Angel and their fall is almost one kilometer long.

14- The largest volcano in the world is in Hawaii. With its base at the bottom of the sea it reaches 15.2 km.

15. We do not have the same gravity on the entire planet. In 1960 it was discovered that much of Canada has less gravity than other areas of the Earth.

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