5 simple ideas for decorating with candles

5 ideas fáciles para decorar con velas

Recently, we have been giving more and more importance to decorating our homes. Usually, we want to brighten up hidden and too often forgotten corners to create a cosy space where to feel comfy Therefore, objects such as candles are a must-have. Not just for decorating, they also emanate peace and tranquillity.

Brief history and origin of candles

The history of candles dates back to the beginning of the earliest civilizations. Probably, they were invented between the 13th and 14th centuries BC by the Egyptians, who made them from branches soaked in ox or lamb tallow.

They were mainly used for lighting and during rituals and religious offerings. They were made from tallow, cattle fat and myrtle berry wax.

With the advent of electricity, everything changed, and candles became a more decorative and aromatic item. Today, there are several waxes on the market used to make candles:

primeras velas hechas con cera de sebo

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Animal wax

beeswax is the best choice for creating natural candles. It is a fatty material that bees produce to build honeycombs. It presents an intense yellow hue and smells like honey.

Other types of wax of animal origin are:

- Spermaceti is a whitish, waxy substance found in the head cavities of the sperm whale (and, in smaller quantities, in the oils of other whales)
- Lanolin, a natural wax produced by the sebaceous glands of animals that give wool.
- Stearin, made from tallow — or animal fat — and is often used in combination with paraffin.

cera de abeja de origen animal

Vegetable wax

is a type of fat (triglycerides) extracted from plants, liquid at room temperature. 100% natural and vegan, the most common are soy or coconut wax. It is the best option because toxins-free.

Cera vegetal de soja para hacer velas

Cera vegetal de soja

Wax of mineral origin:

- Paraffin is the best-known, but if you can, try to avoid it as derived from petroleum and mildly toxic.
- Microcrystalline is similar to paraffin waxes but has a high melting point (at 74Cº).

Scented candles

Scented candles are candles that contain fragrances. These scents transmit different sensations depending on the person and take us back to memory lane, allowing us to relive magical moments and places.

Candles and aromatherapy have always gone hand in hand. In the past, after the emergence of electric light, candles were used for relaxation and meditation as the movement of the flame and the melting of the wax helped stay concentrated. And it was exactly when aromatherapy began to be associated with this practice, that essential oils were introduced into the candle-making process. The different fragrances created a calming and beneficial effect, capable of soothing headaches or cephalalgia.

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A peculiarity about the first tallow candles used by the Egyptians and Romans was that they gave off a bad smell, which is why their manufacture was banned in some areas of the world.

Each aroma awakens different sensations, so here are some features of the three most commonly used scents in candle making:

- Jasmine: one of the most exciting scents, it contains anti-depressant properties that help reduce anxiety.
- Lavender: helps eliminate stress and anxiety.
- Vanilla: an aphrodisiac scent that softens the atmosphere and has calming and anti-depressant properties.

Light your scented candle and enjoy a moment of tranquillity, perhaps in the company of a good book, your friends, or family, or simply to disconnect after work.

Decorative candles

Unlike scented candles, decorative candles bring a touch of warmth to any room without the need for fragrance. They are perfect for including points of light and creating an intimate atmosphere. They are often made in different shapes, colours and neutral perfumes.

Not only that, but they are a must for winter decoration and an ideal gift for Christmas or birthdays.

vela encendida encima de varios libros



Now that you know the origin, history and different types of candles, we'll tell you how to make the best use at home.

5 unique ideas for decorating with candles

Reinvent and transform the rooms of your home by adding candles to your decoration. Here are some amazing decor ideas:

1. As a centrepiece

If it is a huge table, you can create a combo, playing with different sizes.

velas como centro de mesa


2. On the bedside table

Add a magical twist to your bedroom by creating a cosy and intimate atmosphere with candles, flowers, and crystals on the bedside table.

mesa de noche con libros, flores y velas


3. Candlelit bath

Light a scented candle and enjoy a relaxing bath and a night of super deep sleep.

velas encendidas en la bañera


4. The reading corner

Whether you are reading a book or a magazine on the sofa, in a hammock or lying comfortably in bed, just light a candle: it will help you create a relaxed atmosphere and concentrate better.

vela encendida encima de libros


5. In combination with vases

Create a still life by using other decorative elements such as glass vases and amphorae, playing with different heights. *Also perfect as a wedding decoration.

velas encendidas dentro de jarrones de cristal con piedras


Where to buy scented decorative candles?

Nowadays, there are many shops and websites where you can find scented decorative candles. However, I would like to mention an artisan waxworks with more than 160 years of experience, located in the historical centre of Barcelona: the cereria Cerabella. Quality, research, and passion are the values that transform simple candles into a constant creation of shapes, scents, and colours.

tienda de velas cerabella


Miss Wood Candle

Miss Wood is the travel brand par excellence, which is why we couldn't do without world-shaped candles with irresistible aromas that will take you on a sensory journey around the planet.

We created the first prototype, and then a new exclusive collection of scented and decorative candles designed and handmade in Barcelona was born. All the fragrances are natural and super aromatic with essences of rosemary, jasmine and magnolia, amber and olibanum or bergamot!

vela del mundo Miss Wood olor tropical color naranja

To make our candles, we use 80% vegetable wax and have increased the perfume percentage to 8% (most candles on the market only have 6%).

These are the most popular fragrances:

- African: essence of amber and olibanum to get lost into the medina of Arabian villages.
- Amazon: Earl Grey and bergamot fragrance, to feel like being in the Amazon jungle
- Asian: jasmine and magnolia perfume to be immersed in the chaos of Asian street markets.

vela aromática y decorativa Miss Wood Candle

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Close your eyes, light the candle, and travel far away to the place where you lived your most incredible adventure.

DIY Create your own candle

If you want to venture into the DIY world to create decorative scented candles to add a craft twist to your home or prepare a special present, here is a short video showing you how to do it.

Make sure you have everything you need and watch the tutorial. Below, the list of the materials:

- Wax or refined paraffin
- Dye (optional only if you want to add colour)
- A mould to shape your candle.
- Fragrance oil.
- A pot to melt the wax, one pair of chopsticks, a wooden spatula and wicks.