8 Travel Tips

8 consejos para viajar

Travelling can be a nightmare if you are not used, without considering all the unexpected events that may occur, that's why I decided to prepare a small list of things I learned during years of wandering far and wide around the world:

1- You should always carry with you a copy of everything and if it can be certified, better.

Yeah, I know, it's a bit of a mess, but believe me, you do not want to find yourself in the middle of an unknown country without documents.

2- If you have cash with you, split it up.

Once, I had to travel with money for a whole month, and it's not a good idea to keep it all together. Distribute it between your suitcases, purse and wallet, so you won’t find yourself broke in case something gets lost.

3- Vaccines and insurance.

Of course, if you visit your cousin in Edinburgh or Swansea, maybe it will not be that useful, but for many other destinations, there are mandatory or recommended vaccines. Do it, even if it is an extra expense. If health care considers them necessary is because your safety and well-being can depend on them. The same applies to insurance; everything depends on where you go and, we are more than sure that nothing will happen to you, but what if? Better to have your back covered, in'it?

4- Take the appropriate clothes with you and travel light.

You know very well that you won’t need 15 T-shirts for 12 days. And do not forget: you may be going to the sunniest destination, but take something warm with you anyway, as bad weather can catch you everywhere.

5- Investigate the place where you are travelling.

Culture and customs, of course, but also payment methods, commissions. And do not wait until the very last moment to download offline maps and mark the most important locations, embassy included. There are specific cartographic applications available, so do some research.

6- Change some money before leaving.

Even if you already know where to do it locally or you are going to use the credit card, have some cash in local currency so that you can use it at the airport or on the way to your hostel/hotel. Remember that it is better to be proactive than experiencing a bad moment on holiday.

7- Interact with the locals.

Remember always to approach the autochthones with respect, especially when we talk about cultures that could be completely different from yours. Learning from the locals how and why they live the way they do is an excellent opportunity to get to know the culture of a specific country or area.

8- Have fun!

Travelling can be stressful, especially if for a long time or if you are part of a group, but remember that it is not worth spending half the time arguing or getting angry, because that's not your travel purpose. So, any struggle may occur, do not forget that your priority is to enjoy the experience entirely and that you can fix it later, think about having fun because it is not sure when and if you can return to that magnificent place.