The Indian Himalayas, everything you need to know.

El Himalaya Indio, todo lo que necesitas saber.

A different view of the Himalayas.

I want to show you a new way of seeing the Himalayas: from India.


In our Instagram we already mentioned it: now there is no snow on the roads, which means that they are not closed. You will be able to make some incredible trips that will leave you breathless, but be careful because it could be literal: there are roads that reach 5600m, so climb carefully and pay attention to your body and the oxygen it receives.


One place with few tourists is Arunachal Pradesh. Located in the north of the country and bordering China you can discover the snow leopard and the dozens of tribal groups that live here.

Srinagar is a must on this trip, you will see boat houses on the Dal lake and get to know the wonderful culture that the emperors called paradise.


We cannot talk about India without talking about its religion, because this country has seen the birth of Hinduism and Buddhism. Religions that have influenced the whole planet and that, in the case of Buddhism, is one of the most practiced in the world. Of course you can't miss a cultural area with such a worldwide impact.


Kashmiri Aloo Dum is a delicacy of traditional cuisine. Potatoes are fried in oil and then cooked with a spicy sauce. Its characteristic taste does not leave anyone indifferent.

In July, with pleasant temperatures, you will discover the daulak ki chaat, a delightful pistachio and saffron dish that will make your mouth water.

We cannot finish the gastronomic section without talking about one of the wonderful drinks you will find in this country. In this case I am talking about the phallooda, which is made with milk, ice cream, vermicelli noodles and basil seeds.


Watch out for food and water. Always drink bottled and sealed water, and keep an eye on where and what to eat, not for health reasons, but because if you are not used to the flavors and spices of the area you can have a bad time.

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