6 ideas to gift someone a trip

6 Ideas para regalar un viaje

Do you want to gift someone a surprise trip but don't know how to do so in a creative way?

If you're reading this article, chances are you're probably going to travel soon. Everything is ready, but you're awaiting the best part: how to tell the other person.

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Perhaps you already spent a lot of money planning, and you now think that a gift card or reservation by email is an unoriginal way to gift that experience. You are absolutely right! :)

We know you've been preparing for this very emotional moment. What you need is a unique idea, possibly free, to leave the other person speechless. Don’t look any further!

1. Clues box - intriguing and mysterious

Wrap up clues of your gift along with other essential information of the place inside a small box. For example, a passport, a small flag, an ingredient of a typical meal... whatever you can think of. You can choose to have the other person guess or add the printed reservation inside.

Suppose you travel to Sicily

Item clue: Flip flops, sunscreen and sunglasses

Riddle clue: "It's a Big Island"

Typical dish clue: Pizza is the quintessential dish

Play Hangman with the word Sicily

caja de madera personalizada con departamentos para guardar recuerdos

2. Pack the other person's luggage - the most exciting

Pack the essential items you're going to take with you, close it and write a note on the luggage tag: a travelling quote or the date of departure.

The other person may guess the destination based on the clothes you picked. You can tell them where you're going or wait till the last day for an even bigger surprise.

etiqueta de viaje para colgar en la maleta de cuero reciclado

3. Map or travel guide - the functional and adventurous clue.

If you are too eager and can't wait to reveal the destination, give the other person a Lonely Planet travel guide or a map of the city or country you are heading to. Just to warm up a little.

If you go for the guide, you can print the reservation and put it in the middle of the book, so the other person can find it while reading. If you opt for the map, stick some pins in the places you will visit together.

Mapa de Italia en corcho para señalar con chinchetas los lugares visitados

4. Tell it with Tags - watch out; it's addictive!

Give them the flag of the country you're both travelling to without saying anything else. It will be enough for the other person to know it's the next destination. This is also a great idea to add inside the clue box.

Gift the box at a special time, such as a romantic dinner.

Tags are an original present that you can continue to collect with all the countries you visited to always remember the best adventures experienced.

chapita de madera personalizada con la bandera de Italia

5. Get the passport ready - Simple and unique

Simply wrapping his passport as a nice present will reveal a trip is coming. You can also gift the other person with this passport holder, adding a note or the tickets inside.

Funda para guardar pasaporte de cuero reciclado

6. Flight tickets (downloadable) - a must (and free!)

If none of the above ideas convinced you, go for something classic: print this template and add your trip details. Then, put it in a cool envelope and wait for a special occasion to give it to the other person or hide it somewhere, so he can find it.

Download here

billete de avión personalizable para descargar

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