The mythical 66: the road of hope

La mítica 66: la carretera de la esperanza

Route 66, or "The Mother Road," was opened in 1926 and is an icon of America. The original route no longer exists, but much of the route maintains signs that recognize it as a historic road. Always keep in mind that this route crosses the country from east to west, so it's best to have everything prepared in advance.


Due to the route it has you will pass through desert areas and also cold, so the best times are spring and autumn, May and September. So you will find the best climates in all areas, as these are the most moderate months.


You're going to travel all over the country, the list is endless! So we are going to recommend you some detours that will surely excite you, but be careful with the distances and how you organize your days. You can't miss Flagstaff, a small town with artisan brewers and wonderful art galleries, or Oatman, a mysterious ghost town.

The most common detours are to see the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas, and yes, we recommend that you do these, but we also recommend that you pass through Kasha-Katuwe National Park to see the Tent Rock monument, it is a natural spectacle to see the rock formation that has been created over time. Remember to schedule your days well, and if you still have some free time, stop by the Navajo Nation, the largest area purchased by a tribe in the United States.

If you want a specific article about things you shouldn't miss on Route 66 let us know in the comments and on the networks, come on!


Route 66 opened in 1926 and runs from Chicago to Los Angeles. Better roads were needed, as car use was becoming more democratic, and in the 1930s several states suffered from drought, not to mention the crisis of 1929. This road was the symbol of change, of a new beginning for those families who were suffering the consequences of this. It was hope.

In 1956, the Interstate Highways Act was signed, and it was the beginning of the end of the route. Many pieces were used for the new highways, others were left in disuse because of detours... But don't panic, you can still travel 80% of the original route.

In 1970 there was again a small boom due to the hippie movement, where many went to California in search of sun and a life in communion with nature. In 1985 the route was discontinued, to be revived by different associations and named historical route in 1990.

As you can see, Route 66 has an exciting history, and this is just a small fragment!


When you prepare your trip you will surely make a list of famous restaurants you can't miss, such as The Big Texan, with its traditional Texan style decoration, its quesadillas and its challenge of eating more than two kilos of meat in less than an hour, but we have a special recommendation: Try the road bars.

Beyond the famous and well-known bars and restaurants, you can't miss the real experience of a road trip in the United States, and this happens by eating in these bars that although a little bit crappy are generous, some are better and some worse, and in all of them you will find truckers. A real experience!

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