The 8 most common types of travellers

Los 8 tipos de viajeros más habituales

What kind of traveler are you?

Here is our particular division of the types of travelers that exist, most people are a combination of both. What combination is yours? Do you dare to guess the combination of your friends?

The Planner

Months before the trip you already have a list of everything you are going to pack, a list of things to do before, one with things to do during and another for the "after" of the trip. You organize every step to the millimeter and that's why you know that the trip will be perfect, if there's no room for improvisation, there won't be room for mistakes either, that's how you work and it's perfect. Your trips are full of just what you want, and you never miss anything.

The Adventurer

Jump from 4,000 meters, swim with sharks or go to the most dangerous place in the world, no matter what dangers you may encounter because you are willing to live them and you love it! But not only are you willing to live these physical emotions, you also make cultural emotions the order of the day and you don't get scared when it comes to diving in societies that are completely alien to you.

The urbanite

New York, Tokyo or London, what big, busy city, full of lights and new dreams will you visit this time? You like cities that open 24/7, neon lights and the vibrations of people's hopes. When you go to a big city you have in your shoes centuries of adventures, desires and dreams of all the inhabitants who have passed through there, and there is nothing that excites you more.

The photographer

You see the world in a different light, literally and figuratively. You are able to distinguish beauty in faces and landscapes that no one else could decipher, and you know how to capture that moment perfectly. You capture the landscapes and faces that have seen the world change, and wish to continue doing so. You have a greater sensitivity than the rest and you know how to make the most of it.

The left over

You don't care about preparation, plans or planning. You know where you're going, but little else. You pack ten minutes before you have to leave for the airport, and that creates more than one problem on arrival. Maybe you remember some place that was recommended to you in that abandoned guide in your living room, but you don't know where you are going, because you like to let yourself go and flow where you are going.

The quiet one

Peace is your thing, and you're the opposite of the urbanite. No giant cities, no crowds of people, and if possible a place far from mass tourism or in the low season, even if the weather is not good. You see yourself in that little hut reading and being lulled by the birds, or in a little cove unknown even by the villagers, per-fectly.

The naturist

Your thing is to be in touch with nature. A forest, a trip to swim with dolphins, or snorkeling in the most impressive reefs on the planet. Watching the world brings you peace and you know that the best way to preserve it is by taking care of it, so you plan your vacation carefully taking into account the impact it will have on the planet.

The gourmet

For you the place is the least important thing, the food is the most important. You love to try new dishes and desserts and where you go, you blow it all away. And I'm not just talking about classic restaurants, you get into the place that seems the most crappy of all, because you know perfectly well that they serve the best nankima there, and yes, you also remember perfectly the difference in flavours between a Japanese McDonald's and an American one.