7 must try foods around the world

7 comidas del mundo que tienes que probar

Here a selection of some specialties from the world in case you were still missing some to taste. They are all delicious and you could even try to cook them at home. If you decide to do so, write to us and let us know how it went.


This Japanese delicacy is made with monkfish and, although it is not very well known in Europe yet, it is starting getting more and more popular. It is monkfish fois gras prepared according to the traditional Japanese technique, which starts by rinsing it with sake and cleaning it during a few hours, then hand-moulding it by giving it a circular shape. It is delicious served with ponzu sauce and momji-oroshi.

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Arepas can be cooked in so many different ways that you will surely find the one that's right for you. The dough is made with cornmeal and can be fried or roasted, sweet or savoury, but do not be fooled by such simplicity. They can be prepared with different types of flour and baking and, as if this were not enough, we are still talking of the dough only. Indeed, there are as many fillings as the people who prepare them. My personal advice is that the first time you try a fried one stuffed with Reina Pepiada, for a real triumphal entry into the world of arepas.

Reina Pepiada - @johan1089

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Bandeja Paisa

Just thinking about it, makes me hungry! Surely, it is the most famous dish in Colombia, as well as one of the most delicious. It comes from the Andean region and it is a super-filling specialty. It comes in a large single dish where beans, meat powder (a way to prepare the meat by crushing and mashing it until it looks like sand), pork rind, white rice, a sunny side up egg, ripe banana, avocado and Colombian arepa are served together.

Bandeja Paisa - Vía @restaurantelamatriarca

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Bánh Mì

It is a Vietnamese sandwich that begs to lick the plate clean. Bacon, carrot, lime, cilantro, and chives are the ingredients of the filling. The bacon is marinated in a sauce made with soy, garlic, ginger, and onion; vegetables are accompanied by pickled onion and rice vinegar; all seasoned with a sauce made with mayonnaise and fermented fish. It might sound a bit strong, and it certainly is, but for the most experienced palates it will seem a delicacy.

Banh Mi - Via @joeynht

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Bunny Chow

Originally from Durban, South Africa, it is a mix of South African and Indian food, due to the flow of Indian immigrants who were deported to work on sugar cane fields. Caramelized onion, spicy meat, cashew nuts and almonds create a delicious curry; then potatoes, curd, masala salt, and mint are added. And everything gets into mouldy bread! Yeah, yeah, you read correctly, mouldy bread has to be emptied out and stuffed with the filling together with vegetables and enjoy!

Bunny Chows - Via @mealswithtumi

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Ceviche also has a thousand different ways to be prepared, but the traditional one is made with fish or seafood. It originated in Peru, more precisely in the Moche culture, and is the national dish of this wonderful country. The fish, preferably white, is marinated in lemon, and when it is finished cooking the rest of the vegetables and cilantro are added. It is a real delicacy, and now many restaurants are offering it in their menus, so if you haven’t tried it yet now is the right time to go for it.

Ceviche - Via @mariscosmazatlecola

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Goi Cuon

Another Vietnamese delicacy, that is perfect for the summer. It is a very easy recipe, delicious, and also super fresh. A mixture of rice paper filled with vegetables, fresh herbs, bacon and shrimps. But the real trick is the sauce, prepared with peanut butter.

Goi Cuon - Via @theblogofsalt

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What do you think? Just writing the article makes me starving. So today I will definitely put my self down to work and prepare some of these delicacies. If you’d like to have the second part, leave your comment on our social networks; I will love to continue trying new delicious recipes.