Travelling with new people for the first time? Keep reading.

¿Viajas con gente nueva por primera vez? Esto te vendrá muy bien.

When travelling with someone for the first time, there is always some anxiety about not knowing precisely what could happen. Of course, we advise you to go for it anyway, but if you want to get an idea of how things will go, we recommend reading our blog :)


The first sign of the zodiac is determined and optimistic, generous and incredibly patient. Fearless and adventurous, they are natural leaders, and the perfect partner in crime to turn your journey into a rollercoaster of emotions.

chico en kayak en el mar con atardecer de fondo



Taurus' stubbornness will take your journey to the next level. At the same time, their calmness, love for nature and pursuit of comfort at any cost will help you immerse in self-discovery. All of this, within a super-organized schedule, as they are eternal planners.

chica mirando al atardecer


You can find them at the beach or attending a genetics conference, as Geminis have duality tattooed on their skin. They detest routine and love discovering new places. Agile, innovative and curious, they would never accept a planned trip. Of course, they are busy bees, but with few plans, as they prefer to improvise and go with the flow.

 dos chicas sentadas en hamacas en la playa con sombrilla


Super fun and with an intensity that could make Lady Gaga herself blush. Night owls who love eating gourmet, they are passionate about the past. You will, therefore, find them in museums, castles or among archaeological digs. Together with Cancer, you will experience one of the most cultural journeys of your life.

 dos chicas mirando a un cuadro en un museo


Creative and generous, Leos adore the latest vogue trends. The centre of attention is their natural habitat, but they also know how to be fair, compassionate and extremely precise, almost too much so. They love multiculturalism, so you will easily find them in all the world's major capitals to satisfy their urban urge.

chica teletrabajando en una cafeteria 


Virgos prefer to stay out of the spotlight. Neat, solitary and perfectionists, they don't like big crowds. Whenever they want to disconnect from the routine, you can find them with their phone switched off and a good book in hand. Probably in a café or a park close to their place, as they are the most homey sign.

chica sentada mirando a través de una ventana 


Libras are the perfect balance if you want to avoid getting bored admiring butterflies in the countryside or finding yourself packed like sardines in the middle of a metropolis. Their perfect journey is as a couple because they don't like being alone too much. Still, neither do they like being surrounded by people. They are extravagant and great luxury lovers, so be careful: they will often tempt you to spend more than necessary.

 chica sentada en un carrito de la compra con los brazos abiertos


Scorpios are generous and loyal friends, but arouse little sympathy as they are frequently too outspoken. They love to discover new cultures and are particularly attracted to water and the evolution of the more mystical side of societies. They prefer exotic places and travelling solo, so it is common to find them backpacking alone.

 pareja de espaldas con mochilas


Sagittarians are eternal drama queens. They love to be the centre of attention and are very talkative. When it comes to optimism, sincerity and intelligence, nobody can beat them. They have a thing for danger, albeit in the proper doses, and adventures. You can find them constantly looking for remote villages to explore.

 chica de espaldas con los brazos abiertos en el medio de la nada


Capricorns are by far the most disciplined sign. They respect authority and adore traditions. They prefer to stay out of the spotlight and always seek the best value for money. Walking to admire buildings and scenery is their favourite transportation. Indeed, they are the best savers of the zodiac.

 unas manos sujetando un bote de cristal con monedas


Although they are calm and gentle, you will be surprised by their ability to challenge public opinion to condemn an injustice. Passionate about new fads, they favour underground culture. Very spiritual, they feed on ecology and social movements. Definitely among the most adventurous signs, especially when it comes to new tech trends.

 chica en bicicleta


Pisces are the artists, the creative, the sensitive and among the calmest of the zodiac. They breathe mysticism and love solitude and meditation. Their perfect holiday? Tucked away in a seaside village to work on their creativity solo without any distraction - after all, they are a bit of a lone wolf.

 chica haciendo yoga en la playa


Now you know the characteristics of each traveller according to their sign, all you have to do is choosing your partner in crime for a memorable road trip. And, if you need a gift for him or her, find here the best travel essentials and mystical ideas of our new Astrology collection.