What is a Scorpio like?

Those born between October 23 and November 21 are Scorpio as a zodiac sign. This term comes from the Latin "scorpio" which has several meanings, but is associated with the animal. People with a Scorpio sign have a lot of imagination and willpower. They are also very sensitive and emotional. Find here the most original and personalized gifts to give.

October 23 - November 21

Original gift ideas for a Scorpio

A collection of unique astrology products for Scorpio. Give a personalized gift to lovers of the universe.

Notebook for a Scorpio

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Picture with the Scorpio symbol

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Personalized Poster with the Scorpio constellation

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Scorpio Personalized Key Ring

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Star map for a Scorpio and his match

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Curiosities about Scorpios

Scorpio constellation

The constellation Scorpio represents the animal and was formerly linked to Libra, which were considered the pincers of the scorpion.

Aries Symbol

Scorpio symbolizes the image of secrecy, self-sacrifice, the possibility of attacking and transcending.

Scorpio Symbol

Although it has several meanings, in its meaning of invertebrate animal, also called scorpion, it can cause the death of a man with its bite.

Planet of Scorpio

Pluto is the ruling planet in Scorpio. It influences the personality as it determines the way you express yourself.

Scorpio Element

Their element is water, which makes them intuitive, sensitive and emotional.

Scorpio Colors

The color of one of the most powerful signs of the zodiac is the red of wine and blood. It reflects power, mystery, strength and intensity.

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