7 traveling instagramers we love

7 instagramers viajeros que nos encantan

Instagram has become without a doubt the social network of the moment. Who does not know Instagram? Who does not pay attention to the mobile camera currently?

But, what we like the most in Miss Wood of this app are the fabulous travel accounts. Travelers and Globetrotters who with good taste give us daily incredible images from all corners of the world. We are sure that this is a part that inevitably, if you are as a traveler and adventurer as we are, you should be crazy about Instagram.

We have made a selection of travel accounts that we like the most and we think you can not stop following Here they go!

Murad Osmann, spectacular landscapes

From Russia, this video producer travels the world traveling to impressive places such as his photographs. Its peculiarity? His special traveling companion is his wife Natalia Zakharova, who is the muse and protagonist of all the images. And it is not a normal photograph, the couple has become even better known for presenting all the photographs holding hands while Murad takes the photograph on his wife's back, revealing everything that surprises ahead of them. A more than original project recognized with the large number of followers who do not want to miss a post.

Marianne Hope, images with light

Norwegian by birth, although she has lived in the Netherlands for several years, this woman loves to travel. With a very special touch, fill your photos with light. It plays a lot with the water and the depths and has a wonderful gallery.

Wonderful Places, pictures from around the world

A benchmark for travelers around the world, Wonderful places brings us images that are totally spectacular. An account that leaves anyone speechless and with which, we want to travel to all.

Kenkaminesky, specialist in landscape photos

Photographer by profession, HDR lover and currently, Fujifilm ambassador, Ken is shooting photos wherever he goes. Specialist in landscapes, he makes it known that, even though he is a professional cameraman, all his Instagram images are made with his mobile.

Nicanor García, images of architecture

Further removed from the guild although knowledgeable about many techniques that could help him to be a great photographer, this architect from Barcelona does not disappoint. With little work during a few years of Spanish crisis that affected crafts such as construction with particular force, this architect began to walk around Barcelona and shoot with his camera. If the new projects did not come to him, he himself made the portrait of the real model of the great architectural works of Barcelona. In this way, Nicanor was one of the first to photograph this profession and win the admiration of thousands and thousands of people, including a special audience from his architectural sector.

Vutheara, images of Paris and other corners of the world

Another account that gives off magic is that of the French Vutheara. Which is sure to be enjoyed by lovers of Paris and capable of falling in love with all those who have not yet visited the French capital. A web designer and photographer who gives light and personality to his own city; and not only showing the most emblematic places, but the corners and alleys of the different neighborhoods of the city of light.

JeremySnell, portrait photography

This Hawaiian photographer and producer takes us to truly incredible places, especially in Asian and African areas. With a very personal touch, Jeremy makes portraits of people of different ethnicities from the countries he visits. Play especially with dark lights that allow you to highlight faces and facial expressions. Only with them, the photographer is able to move us to places as different as India, Ethiopia or Uganda.

We hope you like this selection of travel accounts that is worth following on Instagram. Of course, these are some big shots in a big ocean. Aware that it is a network that has achieved maximum success in the last 2 years, the profiles that host real works of art in their galleries are increasing. Thanks to the hashtags and the suggestions of the application itself, it is increasingly easy for us to get to know these wonderful accounts.

At Miss Wood, as good travel lovers we like to discover these types of accounts and be able to keep track of them. In fact, every day we receive emails from travelers who, in addition to explaining their next great adventure, ask us for collaborations and are not left without their most special purchase, that of a Woody Map in which, before leaving, they would trace their route with red pushpins to change them for green on the way back and fill it with photographic memories.

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